Ability to trade cards, why not?


A bad point about digital TCGs is that we cannot actually trade our cards with friends, and ofcourse there are many reasons for why this isnt implemented in digital games like to prevent farming multiple accounts and trade all the cards to one main account etc, but I’m sure there must be a safe way to trade duelyst cards online, maybe we could use email confirmation or something like that to allow access to the trading center.
But yeah, it would be a great feature if we could trade the cards we dont need for the ones we need, would help a lot of players.


Because business models are a thing.


Theres no merit to adding Trading to duelyst, it doesn’t need it. Plus it’s bad for buisness.


Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

Pretty sure it’s entirely an economical decision. Games like Duelyst can have trading, but given the relatively small player and card base the game is probably better off long term by not allowing trades.


I’m not sure if this is sarcasm or not but I appreciate the comedic tone. It would be cool for Duelyst to have trading sure, but I feel like it isn’t really a feature duelyst needs right now. Although that could be said about the Codex as well, and that’s my favourite part of the game, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Did I just disagree with myself while agreeing with myself? fug


But this is a CCG… while I can see the merit from having trading in game, I fear that it can also be abused in this game, and take away the ‘collectible’ aspect of the game by not entirely working to get said cards


I’d like the feature, but I don’t see any way of integrating it into the way Duelyst is now. I used to play Scrolls (it got shut down) and they had a system where you could sell your cards in an open marketplace which worked really well. I imagine systems like these in f2p games are too bad for companies’ bottom lines to sustain them.


The developers need to make some $$ on this game, look at it from their perspective.

This game is already extremely generous with free content, trading would kill the economy of this game. Players could just cycle cards to each other endlessly and everyone would be disincentivized from ever spending money on the game.

In short, card trading would kill duelyst. The game couldn’t be free to play anymore.


also cause too many ways to abuse shit


don’t forget the security problems that would create.

if you are able to trade cards you are effectively able to trade money. so your account is suddenly “worth” something in real currency and not just pixels.

and at that moment the game would be swarmed by hackers selling your cards.

and it is not just the personal loss. the developers have to implement new systems to support hacked customers, add new safety features and ban bots (who could now farm real money even with losing, so they don’t even have to be good).

and that would probably just the tip of it. bigger games with those problems like mmos have large teams just to deal with those issues. i doubt a small developer could or should be bothered to invest in that kind of manpower for such a relatively small benefit.


Rather than trading cards I believe the game would improve if they added a marketplace.


This is a CCG but purchasing cards isn’t really the reason people play duelyst. I don’t think trading contradicts collecting, trading one card for another card shouldn’t make a collection any less meaningful. Spending gold or money on packs is just another form of trading.

Cheating would be a problem, and the devs profit more without the efficiency of trading, doesn’t seem like it would happen.

But there’s an argument to be made that duelyst would be more popular if players could trade; it would make the collections more real and significant, it would lead to meaningful social interactions that motivates players to collect more, and it would make the duelyst experience more satisfying since players can efficiently build around their personal preferences.


Actually it’s a quote from “The Dude” main character in “The Great Lebowsky” (excellent) movie :wink:


The Pokemon TCG online has trading. No idea how it works, if it’s balanced etc.


I like not being able to trade. It keeps cards from having a definite monetary value, and keeps the game from being to pay to win by not letting the people with money just directly buy all the cards they need.


And we don’t have to deal with in game and in forums beggars asking to buy cards or trade so and so.


Trading between players doesn’t usually involve money, it would be cards for other cards or gold. You can already buy (and craft) as many cards you can afford.


From my experience playing a few physical card games for a while, the best cards would gain a massive value. Even though more can always be crafted in a digital card game, the rapid price inflation will get very annoying for everyone, especially new players who just want a few legendaries to get their collections started. Also, even if you cannot trade money in game, there will always be people begging to send money through paypal or something then just trading a common for the card they just bought. If a good can be exchanged, it will always have a value. The question of if trading will work or not is a question of if the game is set up to keep the value from getting to high. I’ve always liked that this annoyance from physical games is not present in digital ones.


Also sorry for the rant. I literally quit physical card games years ago after I spent a few hundred dollars building the perfect deck only to have most of the cards in it get banned.


YES! This is the single most annoying thing from back when I used to play physical card games. You play a rare card against someone and then they are begging you afterwards to trade/sell it to them.