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A vetruvian fan card :)

And here’s a fan card for the vetruvian faction! “Apotheosis” One of my favorite factions! I was inspired by the “simulacra obelysk” and “Siroco” for the colours and certain parts of the body. I imagine a minion with build with (3). Once built it would be protected from spells (including spell damage if not targeted) and it would send “miracles” on all allied minions (a mass heal and a buff? if you have an XD tell me idea about his attack and effect) :



Amazing work! My design for this card:
6 mana epic vetruvian card
Gain +1/+1 for each minion you control. At the end of your turn, deal damage equal to this minion’s Attack to all enemies.


This is great! Reminds me of an Evangelion Angel.

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Wow , with the wind dervishes of vetruvian , it could be super op ^^ i mean, it must be a legendary with this effect :slight_smile: great idea!

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Yeah, the eye in the center and the legs are really close to the monster’s design with the 2 masks.:slight_smile:

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Sick art, nicely done :slight_smile:

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Apotheosis (that’s a really cool word)
2 Mana Legendary Vetruvian Minion [7/5]
Build (3)
Friendly minions cannot take damage from spells.
When this is built, deal 3 damage to all enemies that are not in this row.


Nice one, it looks like a Vanar minion but the protection from spell for ally minions is rly interesting upon built


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