A small complain about recycling cards


Heya ! It’s been quite a “long” time since I last posted a thread.
But that isn’t the point, is it ?
I was just playing the game and noticed one damn freaking annoying thing. When you pick your hand, you can recycle two cards, am I right ? Supposedly, they wouldn’t net you the same cards if you recycle them. Well, no, they don’t always. It’s quite annoying, and it defeats the purpose of recycling them. I mean, if I recycle them, I should not get them again, it’s really, REALLY simple.
I don’t know if it’s a bug or something that was intentionally left there so if anyone could explain me, I’d be grateful.


I think it’s the same card thing happens when you have more than one copy of it in your deck. It’s not you getting a whole other card, but rather a card of anything in your deck. Just like any other card game out there. You can get the same cards simply because there’s multiple copies of it in your deck.


Well, yeah, I understood that but, it’s specified ingame that recycling doesn’t give you the same card. Why would it be so when you pick your hand ?


To me it’s the same card. Coz I have only one copy in my deck.


Then just poor RNG or a bug.


Because if it’s a different copy of the same card, it’s technically a different card. If you have only one, then it’s poor RNG or a bug.


yea i understand the wording of it. if you have multiple copies of the card, and exchange it, all it means is that it won’t give you back the SAME EXACT card back.

i kinda hope the recycling mechanism be changed to where you won’t get that card back regardless of how many copies of it you have.


You can never get the same type of card back from a replace during a game, but you can during your mulligan which is what you’re all talking about. During a mulligan you can get both another copy of a card, or the exact same card that was thrown back.


What happens to me a lot is I’ll replace, get a different card, then draw the card I just replaced at end of turn. And yes, many times it is the same card I replaced because I only had one in the deck. That is annoying.