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A reintroduction


Is that code for “I can’t get past bronze rank?”

Welcome to the forums again!


Sure thing! I should have said tabletop, thanks for your answers!


Welcome! @stormshade

Can we chat with you on discord?

@cloudfrog there were a lot of tournaments but only rarely 32 players joining them. Saying we need to organize more tournaments is not fair to the TOs we have / had.


Wow, that game is pretty hardcore, IMO. Love it, too, btw!

It’s a pity not every expansion was localised in Russia. I’d really want to have that sweet Ghost ship from SW: Rebels…


From what I gathered from the Duelyst podcast, sounded like a lot of the tournaments were usually ran close to each over Fridays to Sundays. So it could be over-saturation of Tournaments during those time periods.

Also Welcome @Stormshade, you’ll have big shoes to fill but I’m sure you can fill those expectations in due time.


the issue was that the tournaments that were on weekdays got even fewer players than the ones at the weekend, there just aren’t enough players signing up and playing in these one shot tournaments. However, in team wars there were around 70 playing every week and that didn’t even have any cash prizing, so there is still enough for a healthy scene.


Glad to hear it! I’ll be honest, your rather formal post construction gives me a worrying “arm’s length” vibe, but if you’re at least playing the game occasionally that counts for a fair bit.


I get that. One thing I’d ask you remember is that since when I speak here or elsewhere I am acting as the voice of BNEA, CPG, and Duelyst, I need to have a little formality/professionalism when I post.

I’m also “old skool” and feel rather strongly that when I write something, signing it is a courtesy. If I put my “name” (even my pseudonym, which is a professional name in my line of work) next to something, it means I intend to stand by it.




aaaye my bad mate. I guess the attendance is the problem huh. Hope i get the chance to have you guys fill me in sometime! and definitely not here this place has is starting to become like a meme thread but serious


Hey now, I’ll have you know I was consistently in Gold or higher throughout my time here! (It wasn’t until we had a casual queue that I stopped playing Ranked :upside_down_face:)

Proof just because :^)

The guys at BNEA, such as Stormshade, do play Duelyst. Not to the same degree that our community plays, but I can confirm they’ve held an inhouse tournament before too :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’m not mistaken, @WorksAtBandai won it?

I’m not claiming we’re they’re all experts or top tier players, but they do love the game and can hold their own.


Are you gonna be active on Reddit @stormshade? I thought you said so but haven’t seen you there (yet).


I guess he said just the opposite.


Not sure what you mean… Battlefy Support Ending


That’s the conclusion I made from this passage:

But oops… I seem to have mistaken Discord and Reddit, sry…


@stormshade I wonder how the German translation is coming along. You mentioned it back in January. Can you tell us something about that?


With that ranked record, you remind me of @galaxydueler gold 10 LUL


Btw, I really dunno, why do we have so little info. I mean, “the game is so dead” mood is being spread over the forums and reddit, and it’s rather bad advertisement for the game even if it’s not going to be dead.

I mean, some people may check the forums and decide that it’s dying even if it’s not. I guess it’s a part of community management to ensure the game is not dying.

The silence seems rather bad for business.

Of course, I know, who am I to tell anyone how to do their business? I guess, BN and @stormshade (who claims himself to be an experienced CM) know better. But from my point this silence seems not concerning or offending, but really strange.

Maybe I’m overcomplicating things, or exaggerating them, but that’s how I see it. The situations demands action in my eyes, but no action happens.

With all due respect.



Well, Stormshade confirming they are working on the next expansion WOULD be enough to disperse the rumors of the game not going to have more support.
Granted if they are not actually working on anything Duelyst-related he can’t say really anything, can he - thus the dead silence. And I’m sure Storm is a smart guy.


If they are not working now on it doesn’t mean they’ll never do an expansion in the future. Maybe as he said, he doesn’t have the answer?


There will be new content, wait for it.