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A reintroduction


btw, what kind of info can symbolise enough desire?


No, a third of your posts are about other ccgs and stuff, a third for Pokemon and an entire third for doom. It’s blatantly obvious.


i dont even talk about pokemon that much

hopefully ill get to 75% doom 5% duelyst 20% everything else


Nothing but warm greetings from me. I’ll catch you around!


More activity! More requests from TOs for prizing, or help promoting their tournaments, more tournaments that reach out and are completed successfully. It’s hard for me to get additional support for such a small scene. Work to grow it. Let me know what I can do to help.

I’m here to help enable you, as leaders of the Duelyst community.




welcome stormshade! I do apologize we’ve been smothering you with questions. Maybe we’ll get to chilll when things smooth out, and the panic dies down.

I guess that means we should organize more tournaments then xD That actually makes sense lol. tbh i dont think there’s any point in making that partnership when no one’s really made enough tournaments around here and we still have the same access to tourney rewards just contacting the community manager.


Well I take this comment as a challenge , I am looking forward to constantly bother you for stuff about tournaments among other things. Your words exactly what we want to hear anyways I am Kirabi the guy in charge of Duelyst Central.

PS. We are starting to work Duelyst Central Podcast two,We would love to have you on it to talk about Duelyst community manager related stuff .


Hello again, @stormshade!

Since you’re lending us your ear, I might as well ask a question. I skimmed through the terms of service and FAQ and so forth and I’m still unclear on this point.

Would it be against the rules to make a topic talking about another video game and why it’s great and people should pay money to play it? No, it’s not Hearthstone, your more-popular-yet-utterly-inferior competitor. It’s Slay the Spire, actually, great game. I feel a little stupid for asking, but on the other hand I can’t remember ever seeing another topic about a non-Duelyst game, and I’m wondering if that’s because it’s actually not allowed.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


I don’t think it’s against the rules, but it’s more like fair play - not making topics about competitors on Dooli related forums. I personally consider it impolite.


I believe Thanny closed a thread asking for mobile games to play…


Slay the spire isnt a competitor, that implies Duelyst is competing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He also hide a thread that was about Faeria.


Welcome @stormshade and good work :slight_smile: !



Pushing and asking for tourneys is something i bet alot of us core players will start to push over to you.
But as good as it sounds we still didn’t got the “you worry for nothing”, most of us existed here since beta and even before, we took an active part in bringing new players, intreducing contant from time to time (fake spoilers was fun) and take part in tourneys, basically - we took part at creating duelyst to what it is today, which is why most of us hurt by the option mentioned above.

We can’t do everything ourselves, frankly i’ve been around and been pushed around to believe in one thing while the other took place so until i know for sure that we got future ahead of us, new content, new expansions or new advertising as well as new tourneys from above, i’ll have the feeling that drives me away partly.
Seems like instead of actually working with you and trying to create that team of you and us most of us look at you as a town keeper keeping the order until the time comes and they close us.
Given that you can understand why we are frostrated and trying to keep what we got outside of the game - keeping our relations and friends we created here in the world outside of the game close to us so when the time comes we’ll be able to keep on together.

Your job now is clear - help us gain your trust and assure us our future, be on our side and assure us new content and you’ll see the greatest community you ever been part of glowing again.


Do you actually ever play Duelyst? Let’s go for an easy yes or no answer on this one.


He at least used to, that’s all we know currently.


Rather unfair question given that we went from Elman (regular top 50) to Noa (maybe I’ll make silver this month) to Shade (before 3 days ago last posted back in Jan.

Playing the game and being meta savy hasn’t been a CM requirements in a very, very long time.


Agreed. I don’t expect high-tier play or anything - just actually having some hands-on experience with the game. Trying to manage a community based on something you don’t understand… not great. That’s how you end up with the classical corporate disconnect.


Excellent to re-meet you @stormshade

What’s your favorite non-digital board game currently?

I’m not testing your street cred or anything, I’ve just recently been a huge fan of Enchanter and One Deck Dungeon and I think favorite games questions are good ice breakers.



Great news! More tournaments are exactly what we need! I’d love to come on the podcast at some point, but let’s hold off for a bit. I still have some catching up to do!

I think it’s probably best if the Duelyst forums stay focused on Duelyst, since presumably, that’s what we’re all here to talk about.

Yes. But not under this name. I prefer to play anonymously for personal reasons.

Can I go broader than “board game”? See, that implies there must be a board… The X-Wing Miniatures Game is an obsession of mine, Sentinels of the Multiverse, Shadow Hunters, and King of Tokyo, are all among my favorites.