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A reintroduction



@cloudfrog asked me to reintroduce myself now that I will be a more active member of the Duelyst community. I suppose this is fair since I haven’t really had to be much of a presence here in the past year or so.

So who am I?

I am the Lead Community Manager at Bandai Namco Entertainment working on Duelyst. Up until Friday last week when my good friend @ThanatosNoa decided to move onto better things, I worked primarily in the back ground on Duelyst. This meant I worked on things like trying to find a way to increase tournament participation in Duelyst, and other larger behind the scenes projects.

I’ve been working in video games as a Community Manager since 2009, and have worked on a number of MMORPGS, CCGs, and even and FPS or two in that time.

I’m also husband and parent, and love playing video games, board/table top games, and going to the movies in addition to playing with my little boy and hanging out with my wife in my off time.

If you have questions, whether about me or Duelyst, you can always ask, I’ll do my best to answer where I can.




Is Magmar still weak???


Is there going to be another expansion in the future?


plus - what are the moves on advertisement and tournaments?


I can’t answer any questions about the next expansion right now as I don’t have an answer for you all right now.

As far as advertisement and tournaments… I can’t speak about advertisements as that’s not something I’m aware of, and I will continue to support community ran tournaments to the best of my ability. If you’re a TO looking for support, just PM me here on the forums.




dead game confirmed!!!111111oneoneone

jump ship everyone


are there any plans at the moment for long running tournaments run by bandai/cpg like what we had with dwc?


You’re reaching a little far for that doom, don’t you think?

No, not at this time. We need to see a need/desire from the community for more tournament support before I can ask for more in that area.




Will that teacup Chihuahua ever see the err of it’s ways and give in to the law?


did thanatos tell you about me, is that why you say this


Not likely! That little pirate puppy was a gift from my first community, and I loves it! :slight_smile:

No, I just have a talent for these things.


OH MAN, HOLY COW. At least leave my minion alive please! @galaxydueler careful where you tread, my child, this one is dangerous!


you mean you’re a fellow doom fan?



keep on dreaming


It came and was foiled by eternal heartburn


Give it at least three turns


I will like to welcome you back on a more serious note.

Everyone’s first experience with you was a bit rough but it was admits of a controversy, some of us are still on edge with you because of that but I’m trying to refrain from that, although a statement still has me annoyed. I even completely understand that the publisher has the ability to deny service to a consumer.

So with open arms I welcome you back.

And to do with the expansion question, I would like to generalise it a bit more: Is there any changes being worked on right now? If you can confirm that there will be changes the impact on the community’s dreadfilled outlook on this game. We only want to know if this game is going to be alive or is it just going to have the servers left on for awhile.


I’ll rephrase it.

When are we going to die? Will it be soon ™?


you are the captain of the ship now, give us the answers


Well, I think it’s a bit impolite what’s going on there. Just shooting questions in an introduction thread.

I greet you, @stormshade, as our new ONLY community manager and hope we will have cheerful and productive conversations. Please visit us often, we like attention. We (or is it better to say I?) will be grateful for that.

We are in a bit of disarray after all those changes and staff cuts, so please understand and excuse us for our behaviour.

I hope you can bring back the feeling of calmness to these lands. Thanks in advance.