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A Pantheron deck!


I made the mistake of playing at the start of season. My fault-ka, wanderer and fast trial Sajj were racking up loss after loss against things like flash wanderer, Wizard Brome, wisps+walls and Spellhai. With nothing else to do i sat down and looked though my cards and made this nightmare-

That’s right, a Pantheron deck, and it works disgustingly well. The main focus is to use scions wishes on the dervishes you have (sometimes even duskweaver and dunecaster) and use the large bodies to trade evenly or even gain advantage until you drop one, two or even three pantherons in their face along with a nimbus (beware rebuke though). So far i’ve played this deck for around 20 games and I’ve won most of them (75%). Even dropping a lone dunecaster to seconds and first wish it makes it a powerful body to be reckoned with.

However, it could use some improvements. The nimbus and blood of air primarily. The sole purpose of nimbus being here is to be removal bait and a powerful body, but i feel he could be replaced by something better. As for blood of air, surprisingly, I’ve used this cards very few times as scion’s third is effective doing the same job, if not better. (I’ve used BoA only 3-4 times over all the games with this deck and for half of them it was just for the fun or removing something, like a Kraigon).

Spelljammers could (and probably will) replace the Sojourners.

Some replays



Im gonna ride the wave of this thread to post my own Pantheran list. Almost rode it to S last season wether it was lateness of badness is up to thy judgement, ever respected reader

Biggest problem in mine is finding a target for third wish, but as Evveses said, its not too bad to have a third wished dervish, itself is a removal bait so if you’re relatively ahead as of p1t3, backing away + bbs + third wish is not a terrible turn.


I see you went for the golem/swarm package with sirocco. It’s really strong but would you say you focus on that more or the wish/pantheron combo?


Mistake or learning opportunity?


Nah, Sirocco and the golems are a mere enabler, backup and distraction- its a late game double Panth people cant deal with. Besides, its actually kinda hard to flood the board with Skyrocks, and it becomes star alignment to do so with an Inner Oasis to profit from it.
The Dreamshapers do provide some good wish dig though, which is why they’re there. Ive actually thought of ditching Sirocco for something more readily castable like Thunderhorn, but the season ended and I just want to meme again.

I suppose Pax is still cool even with Thunderhorn’s existance
Also, how do you like Mirrorim? You copy Panth with it? Usually mine come out late game so its about wrapup time, I dont tend to need many. How early do you get him out in your list?


What about adding Relics?


Came here to say that. The lack of Trashman The Recycler surprises me.


I’m surprised no one’s suggest aymara yet. It’s great value and in a deck that focuses on bodily wincons, it seems like a natural choice (plus it’s basically the bane of magmar and (to a lesser degree) lyonar which are both experiencing high winrates (titan/wanderer variants) ).


Glad to see more people playing Pantheron, I have had lots of success with him for several seasons and he is really underrated in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

How has Nimbus been preforming for you? I was never very fond of him but with Plasma Storm being unpopular right now he might be worth running.


May aswell add in a couple of reliquarians. Pairs well with pantheran.


They’re fairly consistent with duplicating Pantherans but to be honest they could be swapped with any other low drop such as bloodtear and even azure heralds.
I sometimes use him as a P1T1 body to 1st+2nd wish T2

I hadn’t thought of reliquarians because i don’t have any of them but the idea sounds promising.

Aymara could be a good replacement for Nimbus, being a provoke and having an excellent dying wish effect.
Speaking of nimbus, he does his job. If he isn’t removed or dispelled be makes the soulburns, if he is, well, that’s one less removal for your buffed dervishes and Pantherans. So far it’s been 50/50 as to whether he gets removed or not and most of the time, they can’t answer to the 2nd+3rd wish dervish that comes at them after.


pantheran without reliquarian :thonk:


Pantheran without pants :male_detective:


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