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A Non-Wanderer Non-Ragnora Magmar Deck


Import Code

[1 dmg]MTo0MDEsMzo0MDUsMzo0MTUsMzo0MzksMzo0NTUsMzoxMTAzOSwzOjExMDQzLDM6MTExNTAsMzoxOTA1MiwyOjIwMTIxLDM6MjAxMjUsMjoyMDI4OCwzOjIwMjk3LDI6MjAzMzksMzoyMDM2OQ==

100% Winrate:

Key Card (that I still have not gotten to try out :frowning:): Metamorphosis

Finishers: Vaath, Blood Rage, 1 damage ping

Combo Cards: Everything

Is it questionable to run Adjudicator in a deck where almost every card deals 1 damage to everything? Maybe. But he helps get Finality out a turn early, which can be a game-saver.

BTW, Duelyst is only fun in Silver now.


“That one guy who hates artifacts and eggs with a passion”


Where the fck are Mirrorrims at




Do i really need to list it out for you?
More pings
MORE pings
More riftwalkers
More cost reduction
More Jesus

The Purification Crusade

But… I would have to replace an actual ping to have a promise of more pings… :thonk:


But you get a total 6 more pings that way!


The funniest part is that the deck is still not too good against Wanderer Rag.


Who cares? It destroys Swarm Abyssian… :smiling_imp:


Oops, sorry, I forgot who I’m talking to :rofl:


Not if I buff them to 4 attack!


Krater, quillbeast, skorn AND harvester…with no twin fang. :thinking:


By Serpenti, you’re right!

Farewell, Adjudicator!

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