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A new vanar deck thingy


a few deck ideas i tested at least two of them are great.

first - kara vespyrs:

is this deck any good? yes! vespyr are my main attraction and my main deck, been playing them for 30 seasons now and this deck is my favorite until now.
game plan is simple - break your opponent back, no need for fancy removal - get board and pile-drive your opponent into the ground batista style.

a few pointers - turn 1 is fairly flexible, gravity well makes turn 1 big and scary like - gravity well into double snow chaser and such.
bonechill makes things even weirder - borean bear into bonechill into snowchaser infiltrated.

you want to either curve into wintertide on tile to bbs and on the next turn go plate and start piling dmg or use voice as a back unit and frostiva in the front to bait your opponent and put pressure until you draw your plate and the go nutz.
as a removel you got machine gun snow man (elemental + wintertide/bonechill or any vespyr to remove alot of threats).
vespirian might is where things end, this is your joker and it will kill your opponent if you got more then 5 vespyrs (bonechill are vespyrs too) - usually use as a supirse counter wincon.

honorable champs - frostiva —> hard to stick, i recommend you start counting your opponent removals once you fell like they wont be able to answer drop frostiva, better having plate in hand though and snowman on board.

snowchaser —> no one dispel it, and this what makes this card so good (in vespyr even more), it triggers everything and you pay nothing for it.

borean bear —> play borean, play bonechill, play dryad -> alot of dmg.

the deck itself is a major synergy, everything triggers everything, but positioning and knowledge is required, the deck is hard to master.

bad matchups: heal ziran (the deck can aggro well too, but takes a lot of practice until then she might break you)

Frostiva_run Night%20Howler_attack

next - my newly tested deck - infeltrate faie:

this is my new gem - you start like old old old faie trying to push your opponent in their zone.
didn’t work - drop dat snow on then, worked - summon a few dudes in the back, make sure you have blitz + sotw in hand.
blitz them hit first while in range and then sotw, if not in range then sotw to get in range o fattack and blow them.

why rhino? rhino is your main dude, once blitzed it got full range to hit and it will hit, using sotw alot of the times means min of 14 dmg from it alone.
given that most of your dudes here will hit twice given that the enemy is not buffed frostiva is 9 dmg with sotw, caller is 8 dmg (without blitz.) which mean the combo usually wins you the game, or weaken you opponent enough for your bbs and avalance to do the work.

this deck is very flexible too and like kara’s vespyrs, needs the knowledge on how to replace right positioning and the right timing.
keep in mind that w rely on rng (blitz) and enhancing our dmg output through sotw, so the use of big minions is a must —> this is why wisp is important + wisp usually will be the one to eat the removal or (hopefully) the transform which leave less removal for rhino, caller and frostiva.

blitz is crazy with sotw and the dmg output is usually fatal, but boardclear exist.

last but not least - stun ilena: (still testing)

please test this one with me.

this is a control deck by definition, disciple is you main dmg output along kiting with snowchaser and friends (the reason for frostfire).
your main mission is removing everything your opponent have on the board using your artifacts and hydrogarm and caller, while putting dmg and pressure with hunt frostfire and disciple.

the lack of finisher for ilena makes the decks endgame longer than it should be and it can be countered, that’s why this deck is winning by removing your opponent key minions and push him to trade face while utilizing your stun synergies to stick disciple and evade dmg + mountain is good to pile more dmg.

fun deck yet very hard to master.

hope these ideas will help you out and help those who want to have fun.


I like your decks featuring underplayed archetypes. But are they any good? Do you manage to get at least to diamond with them?


all my diamond progressions are with vespyrs (i don’t have that much time to play though).

stun ilena is a fun meme for now - usually 50% wins.

infeltrate faie i started running for a week and as for now it runs good, we’ll see about this one

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He has said in the past that Vespyr is very good just it requires a lot of skill.

On my part I have been playing a lot of Midrange and it’s just as good as ever.

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No Shivers

Love the 3x Voice of the Wind though.
Too bad I only have 1 frostiva


Shivers is really meh.

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Nice decks, I haven’t played much Vanar recently.

I notice 2x endless hunt, can you give some perspective on this card which is hard to evaluate?

Also is chromatic cold bad now? I feel like the card should be still quite good at the moment.

Does Vespyrian Might really justify it’s huge mana cost for a conditional buff spell? Have you considered any alternative win conditions?


I have a lot of experience with Vanar and a share similar views so I will answer them now.

Hunt is not a draw card like some people think, it’s an endless minion generator, you play the amount based on how many minions you play.
0-20 3 copies
20-30 2 copies
30+ 1-0 copies

The Chromatic Cold nerf killed the card, it’s not mana efficient anymore.


regarding vespirian might as a win con.
mana cost 5.
your mission as a vespyr deck is to control the board, it’s easy for vespyr decks to drop more then 5 minions on board that will theoretically will only blow up against magmar’s board clear.
5 minions means +8 dmg on turn 5/6/7 with usually ends the game.
yes it is conditional, but your whole gameplan is under this condition, if you got no board nothing will save you.
keep in mind that with bbs and plate, the smallest board will stick so vespirian might is an alternative win con by definition.
5 mana for a crazy buff with even a weak board is great (also, most of the people will not remove bonechill and focus on minions, 4 bonechill walls equals big buff.
you can always run luminous charge + razorback, but i like voice of the wind and vespirian more, no real reason, i just enjoy the cards.


i use to run the 6 mana vespyr forgot his name before running frostiva, also a great card.


Drug lord is a g00d card.


For your Faie/Infiltrate let, have you considered running Ghost Seraphm? I feel like it’s a must include with Spirit of the Wild, since you can play it for free and can at the very least make your Seraphm gain Rush.


I will also add that it’s just a very, very good card in general.

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I’m also a Vanar main, and Ghost Seraphim is an extremely good card that I refuse to run in any of my decks because I don’t like how it looks and I find it boring.

And this is why I will live my life and die in Silver.


Ghost Seraphim is one of the most cool looking cards imo and it’s extremely fun to play with.

I’m ladeering from silver with a deck that doesn’t use Seraphim however.

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I decided not tovrun seraphim for a change only because i wanted to utilize the blitz sotw combo

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