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Hey, Duelysyt community, my name is Axel and I started playing Duelyst 2 months ago. I am maining Magmar and Abyssian. I have opened a few legendaries and I`d like to know which of these are useful and which are dust/spirit/whatever you call that thing you make cards out of. Also which is better eary game: orbs or gauntlet? Also a pack i opened today makes me feel quite lucky.

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teh only one of those cards that never sees any paly is rook, gauntlet is better if you are good at it, ladder if you are not.


I would hold onto Golem Vanquisher, Vorpal Reaver, Aegis Barrier and Twin Fang. The other legendaries are memey/useless in competitive play (although I can’t actually tell which Vanar spell that is, it’s so small!)

As far as game modes, Gauntlet is the best way to build a quick collection of you’re good at it, getting 3+ wins nets you more value than you spend on it. But as a new player I would expand your skills on ladder.

I’m an Abyssian main who’s played Lyonar, Abyssian and Vanar in S, feel free to add me (IGN same as here) or @ me if you need any help!


th vanar spell is winters wake, which is good enough to see play :wink: I think that zir and archon, while not super strong are good enough to put in some lists, and unless you are really in need of spirit, then hold onto them.


Vanar spell is winter`s wake. I am actually running a deathwatch deck for abyssian so i enjoy free 6 food. currently sitting in silver, where there is healyonar and songhais everywhere.


Winter’s wake is good enough to keep. The ladder will get easier as the season goes on and the better players move up.

@improbableblob I mainly recommend dusting Z’ir because he’s prismatic, that’s a 900 spirit off meta card that isn’t in a faction used by the op.


Those pictures are too damn tiny!


sry, steam screenshots.


I’d say Archon, Rook and Zir can be dusted. Zir mainly because he’s a prismatic Legendary which nets far more spirit. I barely ever see him used anyway. The rest are pretty good and I’m not gonna lie I’m jealous of some of those draws :stuck_out_tongue:


-Hexblade should not be kept…its for artifact sajj which is a pretty bad deck right now(as sajj in general.Zirix is just better)
-Winters wake should not be kept…it used to be wallnars finisher(which is a toptier deck) but ghost seraphim-flawless reflection replaced that finisher
-zir…rarely used(but playable),but since its prismatic you should disenchant it
-lady locke is trash.Remove it without any thought
Rook is trash…remove it without any thought


Couple of disenchanting guides :


Ty to you both.


Winter Wake is actually strong when used in combination with Seraphim, I would not disenchant it


Watabou’s guide is out of date. Wouldn’t recommend it because the guy stopped updating it last year.

In addition to the Grincherz one, there exists F8D’s guide: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tHUEIwBtsMVqYOpH7F0ElOA-aujRYQatxkUHqRzJlu4/edit#gid=1814354532

@OP: The wiki offers a lot of guides for newer players: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/New_Player_Guides

Or the complete collection: https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Guides


But flawless reflection is just better


You have a great name.


Thank you!(First time getting a compliment like this)


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