A more swarmy tempo kara


(Based off mogwia) Feel free to edit the deck however u want or suggest what ever u want to add, personally I think it could use more card drawer and u should probably run spellhammers instead of sojuners but I forgot to put them in the list because I don’t have them


Devourer doesn’t seem worth it as it’ll likely die after a turn, Icy seems to have no purpose, Dryad is pretty useless since you basically have zero Vespyrs, Cryptographer doesn’t seem worth it either, as you don’t want to BBS twice in a turn for 4 mana.

Besides all that, the deck has too many 2x and not enough 3x, making it widely inconsistent, and the curve is incredibly early. You name this tempo but you don’t really have a single tempo 4 drop (as Razorback is a wincon and rarely dropped on tempo, and your Voice of the Wind is a combo card) nor do you have a single 5 drop. It’s not tempo if you don’t have a single tempo card.

Even beyond the tempo fact you need to put a ton more draw in this deck and up its consistency before it ever sees competitive play. Are you posting this without any testing?

If you’re simply looking for a good Kara deck, Mogwai recently crafted a solid one that’s on YouTube similar to this one, and I’m sure there are others.


Icey is great lock down on a general or minion… Crypto isn’t worth it unless you have multiple low cost minions in hand or like a sanguar on board (problem is keeping it on board) . Really a lady lock would fit that strategy better.


Icy isn’t necessary with his low curve and no synergy with it, especially since he’s also running Corona.


Not sure how good it would be, but Ash Mephyt was sometimes played in the old Kara. Having 3x of 3/4 for 5 Mana isn’t too bad, but it doesn’t do much if the game is ending in a few turns.


U know I based this off mogwia right, I thought I said it but I guess I didn’t edited it to that now. Plus its supposed to be more fun than competitive also I agree with u on icrdryad I didn’t even notice I messed up and the cyptogrpaher is to get get huge like zyx. It doesn’t have late game stuff because ur gonna win before then


4/5 mana can be played on turn 2/3, I don’t generally consider it lategame, such as something like Meltdown. Besides, with no burn or huge threats, this deck can’t win before 6 mana. You’ll run out of cards and have no large threats, most likely.

Cryptographer + a second BBS is 3 mana for +2/+2 total, you’d be better off just putting in another Locke for +2/+2 total as well plus provoke on all played minions.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, just trying to critique the deck so it can be improved, which I’m assuming is the reason you posted it. If you were just posting it to share it, I’m sorry I’ve been so critical. Have you played at all with it? Looks fun regardless


No I haven’t I don’t have enough spirit for it


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