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A little re-wording suggestion we can all agree on


can all be just re-summon or just resummon? it feels so weird that they’re different
I know changing this and only this will be poked fun at as “Q4 content”, but i reaaaally hate that they’re different, and how i can’t use “resummon”/“re-summon” as a keyword to bring up these two at the same time in the library


Wow, that’s unprofessional. I feel like there are a lot more wording discrepancies in this game that most people have never noticed.


, It turns out all other cards with that word uses “re-summon” (Auroraboros, gor, xor)

yupyup, there are. e.g. Abyssian can’t decide whether it’s “a space nearby” or “a random space nearby”.
But hey, they’re all inconsequential to gameplay so i don’t think we really should be too angry abt it :joy:


Worst card text is still a tie between titan and Reliquarian


I give worst description to Lodestar :joy:


Lodestar’s description is so bad that it’s almost pretty great :smiley:



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