A little mid range Kara talk


I have been working the midrange Kara deck by TheScientist (httpp://managlow.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/ScientistMidrangeKara07072016.png) It’s a bit old by now. I’m looking to give it a little extra ummph. I’m thinking about crafting a Zen’Rui, but concerned that it’s too expensive, doesn’t fit, and frankly almost expected.
I have of course dabbled in the thought of adding Kron, but hesitant for the same reasons above👆.
However, I am very tempted by this Mirkblood Devourer. It’s cheap which means it fits into the overall theme of midrange Kara, and it’s text gives all things +1/+1. Kara’s BBS alao does this, which is already what makes this deck so good, so that’s fits right in aswell.
I’m asking cause I’m terrible at creating decks and I’d hate to mess with a good thing. Also, to craft 2 of these legendary cards will pretty much eat up all my saved spirit too. So I would like to make a good choice, and would love to hear some opinions about what to craft to give it that extra ummph in case I’m wrong.
Thanks in advanced.


Kara is all about having lots of high quality low mana cost minion which you use to control and eventually swarm the board. She can afford running lots of low drops because her BBS makes them a lot better and because the deck naturally has lots of draw. It’s all about consistency here, all her minions are just good on their own and don’t require any synergy.

That being said, despite Mirkblood having a similar effect to her BBS, it simply doesn’t fit the deck really. It’s an inconsistent minion who’s performance rely on having other minions to play on the same and following turn and the benefits you reap from it aren’t all that great. Her BBS simply does a lot better job and there’s no need for anymore buffs since all you really need is one BBS usage to make her minions (more for tigers since they’re a wincon) real good, and you will get that one usage easily. When you have to keep those 2 tigers in hand and are effectively playing with a handsize of 4, you really don’t want to draw any sub-par minions.

Anyway, the deck you linked is a bit outdated I think. I don’t remember last time I’ve seen Kara’s run 5 drops or chromas. Nowadays the curve is a lot lower and Hailstone is generally used as the go to removal card. It works especially well if you’re running 3x jammer and 3x blazehound.

TL;DR: Don’t craft Mirks.


Thanks for the advice. I’m a little surprised, but as I mentioned I am terrible at deck building.


Is there any use for the mirkbloods? I really like this card used to play it in Faye vanar long time ago. Swarm abyssian maybe?


Never thought of that. Lilith would definitely benefit from this card aswell. Holy crap, Zirix, and Reva too!


If you want to have a similar effect for lot less cost you could think of Shiro Puppydragon in Kara.
Well - I don’t run it in my Kara deck but I think if you’re in love with the effect this card would be your way to go.


well, the health boost that mirkblood gives is pretty significant compared to just gaining attack. consider you have a 3/2 minion. he gets cleared by the general, dying and causing 3 face damage. if he has one extra health. he survives the first general hit and either deals 8 total face damage, or he trades with a minion as well. all of that extra for just one HP


So you think there’s a reason why Mirkblood is Legendary while Shiro is Common? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like. Shiro would make a an already advantageous minion even more devastating. Thanks for that


I like. Good point.


Early this month i played as Kara mainly with x3 OwlSheeps and they are very good at Kara, especially if they get Rush. OwlSheep even can gain Rush+Blast


They can get Frenzy, too.
The problem I have with the card is the “random” word in it. Not that I completely hate randomness but this makes positioning a gamble.


Owlsheep, Really???


i can’t remember real name sorry :slight_smile:


Yeah they can get very bad things, but you should think what they can get than place, sometimes risky, sometimes safe. With heartsisters you can play very flexible.


Alls good.
Im guessing you mean Elkowl. its has random attributes. if that’s it, great suggestion.