A Letter to Those With Expansion Anxiety


Hi everybody, your friendly neighborhood plant poster here.

I’ve seen quite a bit of some particular thing lately. It usually shows up in the reveal threads, and is accompanied by words like “meta”, " balance", “overpowered”, " trash", et cetera. It’s a set of players who are convinced the expansion will ruin the game’s balance; a resistance to change. I call it fear.

If you’re one of these posters, or someone who is afraid of these cards warping your game, worry not. Unless you don’t want new cards just for the sake of hating new cards. Then worry. They’re coming.

Why do I say worry not? Well, a lot, and I mean a LOAD, of these hyperbolic posts miss something very important: context.

Context is important. “CPG why are you digging your grave with X” misses the context; CPG has knowledge of ALL the new cards, and, this may surprise you, they also know what the already-released cards do. I saw someone complain that Drogon was too strong because Adamantite Claws exists, and that CPG obviously didn’t realize this. Is that a strong combination? Sure. Does CPG know about it? I’d bet my house on it.

You could say the same about basically any of the new cards. “Excelsious is going to win every game!” you say? Well, we also have this new toy called Concealing Shroud, and Enfeeble, and Punish, and…

Do you see how this is going?

On top of that, cards like Concealing Shroud and Enfeeble might seem very strong because of their nature as spells, but spells have particular usage conditions. Concealing Shroud is going to be awkward, if not difficult to find an ideal place to play, when it’s not saving your life. But even then, it requires you to recognize that you’re in imminent danger; you won’t even understand it’s working unless it doesn’t. Same with Enfeeble; the optimal play conditions are so narrow that they’re going to be met only against decks that play into it inherently. Additionally, it doesn’t eliminate state-based buffs, like Abyssal Juggernaut’s +X/+X.

These cards are all going to have weaknesses. I guarantee you. Duelyst is going to be fine. It looks like they’re making efforts to slow down the game, giving several factions powerful stalling tools to counterbalance the powerful sustain other factions are getting.

The devs do this for a living. They made the game you currently are on a forum for. They have the context, the hundreds, potentially thousands of playtesting man-hours. They can release 39 cards without ruining it.

Duelyst will be fine. :sweat_smile:


Agree to disagree.

That the most naive thing I ever read on this forum. Many companies bigger and more experienced than CP did it in the past and it’s not over .Coming from someone who works in the industry.


Wait, it works that way? Waaaat? Now I can have 9 mana Bounded Lifeforce for just 2 cards :smile:


mhm. Anyone else having Kron flashbacks? What about Kelaino and Taygete? Those surely didn’t leave everything upside down. Siphon Energy didn’t break anything in the sense of “OP”… however it completely turned vetruvian upside down (just today, I won at 1 HP because this Vetruvian couldn’t deal with my perfect protected general. I guess we should let them use bone swarm… or maybe its better if we don’t, because they’ll probably nerf vet again, rofl).

I dont know anymore. Everyday that passes it feels like its not me winning, but pure sh*t luck. Not even my favourite deck, artivet, was able to bring me a smile. Not even a Vespyr deck with Maia for the sake of memes. Whenever an opponent beats me, it feels beyond worse. At this point, they could remove gold, spirit, every single type of reward they have. I would be happy as long as I could come out the fight and say “I won”, or the other way around, “My opponent fought hard”. And not just win T2 because my opponent spawned a young silithar and Flashed a sunsteel… or MDS +KE a katara. And sincerely, it doesn’t seem this will change.

I think i drifted a bit. Oh well, I said what I wanted to say. When the expansion hits, I’ll bring the decks I already cooked up. Let’s see what goes down, there’s only 2 days to go, after all.


Honestly, I don’t really care if the set is unbalanced when it is first released. Counterplay has proven that they are more than willing to change elements of this game regularly. Like the folks on the Dev talk said, the community can do more testing in a day than they can in months. This first month can, essentially, serve as a “testing period” before the change hammer is brought down.

Of course, ideally, no changes will need to be made, but Duelyst is a Digital game and the Devs have proven themselves to be willing to fix things in the game. Even if something is grossly off balance, we can simply wait for it to be changed. This is what happened to Kron.


I’m scared plant-senpai :cry:. Makantor Jesus hasn’t been listening to my prayers.


drogon will get nerfed to 5 mana by end of january shit u not its way too efficient… makantor jesus is just chilling at the beach because his son drogon is gunna put in alotta work


No doubts dude.


My worries about releasing too many cards in a short space of time is the oppressive effect it may have on newer players.

It’ll increase the pile of cards that they will come into the game not having, and will increase the number of powerful cards, meaning the gap experienced between newbies and those more experienced may be greater.


Do you realize this is exactly what I mean by context? In this case you even have all the context and are willfully misinterpreting the scenario; those cards fulfill two wholly separate, unique roles.


I really wish the mobile app hits sooner rather than later, because I would much rather play (read: lose at) this game on my phone from the comfort of my Tempur-Pedic Swedish Sleep System mattress.


This expansion is probably the most newcomer-friendly of any I’ve ever seen (although I haven’t seen so many). I don’t think that’s something to worry about either; the design of this is intended to attract new players. Big effects, no duplicates, always get something good? Like giving candy to a baby.


If CPG starts to give out the first orb for free they might get sued by some Columbian drug cartel for patent infringement. :smiley:


I agree, OP, more patience is needed. I do think some cards are clearly OP in this set, but I am confident that CPG will adjust them over time.


Yeah, I remember when Kron was announced and everyone got all upset saying it would be overpowered and need to be nerfed.


The question of whether kron needed to be nerfed is a contentious one attributable to multiple factors, and the fact that it was is poor evidence for the argument that the game will be thrown out of balance.


If by contentious you mean “not 100% of people agreed” then sure. That’s true of just about everything.

If you mean “the overall consensus of most players was that he was OP and needed to be nerfed” then sorry, disagree.

The point is that your entire argument is nothing more than an appeal to authority.

Anyone here old enough to remember New Coke? Go look it up.


And that makes it worse than other arguments that are founded on something that is half-known? Obviously one is not better than the other, but doomsaying is dumb, and serves only as a way for people to needlessly say “I told you so” later on. Optimism is important.

Also I wasn’t around for kron spoilers so I didn’t argue that part, and I agree he didn’t need to be changed, or at least not so severely.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this on every reveal thread thus far. Strong aggro cards are feared for their ability to finish games. Strong control cards are feared for their ability to answer large threats players might want to play.

I’m not worried about this expansion. If anything in this expansion becomes too strong, I’m sure it will be addressed. In the meantime, we’ll never know how efficient these cards are until we use them. I’m excited!


Er uhm Drogon is a 5 mana because put him on field at 4 means you don’t get his effect.Every blood surge minion is actually one cost higher in reality to get value.