A lethal puzzle!



It’s only half the fun though, barely surviving the 3 turns before that one makes it even more worthwhile. :grin:


NS beastmaster, alcuin, NS Silverguard, BBS, Lethal.


Oh, as Magmar? Easy:

  1. Say “Well played”

  2. Wait for player to quit



Not much of a puzzle, pretty simple.

  1. Natural selection on 2/5

  2. Play guy that gives you last spell

3.Natural selector on 3/5

  1. BBS

  2. Everything to face


Checked pic, found solution, saw it’s posted twice already, fun these :slight_smile:


Guess I should have added more cards, but I took it directly from the game.

Next time.


Nice job setting this up, I don’t have the patience


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