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A great game recommendation


The DOOMsday clock is merely a clock, sir. Time and tide wait for no game.


You also forgot to mention the weird and unsettling friendly and welcoming gaming community it has!

Yes but they have yet to give us an update on the love triangle between crystal wisp, sun wisp, and malicious wisp




Magmar is so cheese right now that all I have to do is use the “Ragnora sunglasses” emote to have my opponent turn 1 concede to me.


Aren’t Vetruvians Egyptian? I mean they do like to build giant rock structures in the middle of nowhere.


Exactly. Add some calaveras and you have mexicans.


is this the new meme thread


Plus cards like Oserix, the whole cat theme etc


Bump. I want more people here to check this game out.


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I realy expect artifact to push the CCG genre forward.It kinda has a board with that lane system
Seems more strategic than dooly


After being introduced to Duelyst and playing on a 2D grid, I really find the lane-based CCGs underwhelming in the strategy department. They’re still fun in their own right though!


What do you want next, competitive FFT scene with strategy on 3D grids?


I misread that as “strategy on 3D girls” and became overly enthusiastic.


Dating guides? Waifulyst? WE’LL NEVER KNOW


Hey, the female form is basically a 3D grid is it not?


Most people are 3D and their shape can be approximated with a polygon grid representation.
Where is this conversation going, though? :thonk:


Where is everything going? To the vast Nothingness of space, eventually.


Reforged, the game that used to be SolForge. (5 single-card lanes, draw-5-play-2-discard-all-unplayed-cards each turn (no mana costs), an upgraded version of each played card goes into your discard pile which is shuffled into your deck after every 4 turns. Designed, IIRC, by Richard Garfield.)

I guess I should mention that the game has been taken over by a small group of community members after the original company dropped it, and I don’t know how big the player base is. (You can still use the original game client, though.)

EDIT: I just found this - https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/
They list the top 1000 or so, and SolForge is the last one. : )


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