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A Funny bug? :)


I was partly with Maevh against a lyonar with the female general. I had 8 hp and she summoned a Sunriser next to me. She had 4 minions on Hallowed ground. So since Sunriser does 2 damages around her every time something is cured, I had to die (small calculation) only this is… after the calculation of the damage I actually found myself at 0 hp. Only I’m not dead! And so I was able to beat her by getting my life back with the shadowdancer.
Well in the end it was only a visual bug since in the replay we see that I have 9 hp and that I go down to 1hp. More scared than hurt, but at the time I laughed as I imagined the enemy’s head in"??? WTF PLZ???"


huh, never seen a visual bug like this before. Can you share the replay here?


Ye sure, but as i said, in the replay we can see my general with 9 hp instead of 8 so 1hp than 0hp . I wanted to report this bug with the replay but when i see it , i decided only to share the picture :wink:




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