A freakin world map


I was looking at the photos on my pc and i encountered the resources for duelyst and i found a world i, i just wanted to share it to you if you already know then its okay, i was just amused by the fact i now know the background of the name of other cards like kaido assasin and the shim’zar expansion which includes the battle pets if im right is a forest. btw thank you for taking your time to read this.

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Side note: I have a terrible time with the chosen font, and I misread “sea” as “sex” everywhere.
It gets pretty funny by the way.


when i first saw it i was reading it as sex too i was wondering what they are thinking, turns out it was sea hahaha


No wonder the inxikraa euphemism for sex in the beach is “serpenti”

We need more stuff refering to God’s Heel.


…Sex of Judgment…:thinking: :rofl:


they really used a bad font for this, every “sea” becomes “sex”


“Restless Sex” :smirk:


I can’t see any Vanar, pretty good map if you ask me! I know they’re on the edge or something, but don’t spoil something good ok?


Vanar live in the mountains on the edge of Lyonar’s continent.


sex of judgement :scream:


What did i say about spoiling something good?!


But, but, whats wrong with saying that Vanar live on Argeon’s border so that they can make sure no trespassers will ever see the great tree Aperion?


It’s because he’s rooting for Faies Vespyr forces to drive the weak and unworthy Vanar away from the Great tree.


Vanar live in the back arse of nowhere on a snow covered mountain range nearby as Aperion needs to be protected.

Turns out the city of the warmonger Argeon is the closest place by.


I guess this is some quite bad sign when we see one of his newest toys is



Fixed it for you.


I find it comical how lizard land is pack full of stuff, all these names of hatchery and mines and craters and The Ember Sex, while Vet continent is basically Rasha’s tomb, in a desert

edit: Sex of Dust is there too, my bad


There’s some other little places like Petra, Tyvia (?) and Waifu Canyon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What i find interesting is that the Sex of Dust ISN’T on the mainland, you know, where the giant deserts are!


What… Aymara is your waifu, not Sajj?? Now thats a first


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