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A Fool's Luck in Silver, Aiming for Pyrite


I am back with more stupid decks with stupid wins. What’s worse, I’m climbing the ladder at the forbidden start of the season. This time around though, it’s just a receding meta deck but HIGHLY unpolished. I took whatever I had and mashed this deck up and surprisingly flew 8 wins at once, boasting a very impressive 100% 8-0 in mid Silver considering the amount of Gold players dropping down to Silver against myself, a puny Gold 8-10 constant.

Behold Neurolink NoSE in its worst form.


Of course, this deck will outright fail in Gold and above just because of how limited my resources, and obviously, good removals are. The sideboard is just my list of other available resources; Time Maelstrom and Dustdrinkers were considered upon as offensive engines although I’ve never tried them in ladder.

There’s only 2 reasons why I’ve decided to post this. 1: HOW AM I EVEN CLIMBING WITH THIS BETTER THAN MY MECHFURNACE OR EGGTHRON OR FAULT KHA DECKS?!?! & 2. Is it still worth it to invest in this archetype looking at my resources?


You might want to try this instead. I’ve just created this deck yesterday, and while I only played it in Bronze for now, I did win two games in a row, although it’s Bronze, so it’s not a significant achievement. I personally think mine is more consistent, because I don’t care about Neurolink crap - it’s a simple, but probably a very effective NOSE deck.


I like more aggression than this tbh, but it seems like a solid deck. Prolly throw in a surprise Sirocco for alt wincon.


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