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A few questions from a returning player


First off, how’s everyone doing? I haven’t been around since Soul Calibur VI was launched and it took over my life, but now that I’m kinda burned out on it I thought I’d maybe re-visit Dooly.

Random forum question: Is there any way to change my username and password in here? Kinda can’t see it anywhere…

The generic question that everyone asks: Any signs of a new patch?

Meta question: Is it still Wanderer vs. Fault-Ka with Healyonar sprinkles on top?

Community question: How popular is DA’s ban list idea? It’s literally the first thread I saw upon coming to the forums and thought it’s a good idea to counteract the toxicity of the above mentioned lists.


So far not well received, but it is new.


In my experience of ladder, Wanderer has dropped off quite a bit. It’s still around but not as popular as like 2/3 months ago, Fault is still around more popular than Wanderer but I don’t see it everyday. Healyonar seems to be more popular or at least it was last season in Diamond. I tend to see Abyss Trial, Shidai and Sajj as some of the most popular decks/generals in ranked currently. Maybe, other people had other experiences with decks/generals but its just what I’ve seen.


AFAIK forum account is linked to Duelyst account which is linked to Bandai account.


Ok, that worked for the PW, no way to change forum nicks from within the BNEA account though.

Thanks though!

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