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A few deck lists

I felt a bit bored and wanted to post a few deck lists, so I decided just to show one from each faction. I’ll probably edit this post later to either talk about the decks in detail if people want me to or add more decks to the post. But for the most part the decks are pretty straight forward to play and can have variations to what cards you can switch in/out. The deck lists are just what the decks currently look like and could look different to what I play/use in the future.

Aggro/Burn Vet

Aggro Cass

Aggro/Tempo Agreon

2000 Spirit Aggro Rag

Burn Faie

Spiral Kaleos



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Nice decks! Did you upload them to Duelspot? :slight_smile:

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No, I don’t have an account on there. So I haven’t uploaded them to Duelspot.

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Create one, it takes no time and would be awesome to have your decks there too :smiley:

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