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A few deck lists from the last year or so

Boring Introduction stuff

Since I’ve decided to start streaming Duelyst less from the start of October 2019 (about half of my streams will now be other games instead of Duelyst everyday), I thought it would a bit unfair to keep a lot of the decks that I’ve been playing, receiving from viewers, creating on stream etc, to myself. Instead to share or show most of them. Not all of the decks are good. But the ones that aren’t good are more built for fun or to see if an idea could work. After all, the spice of life is variety and seeing the same things over and over can get boring. So enjoy trying out some of the decks yourself, or making better versions of the ones that I’ve used.


Tempo Argeon

Mech Titan

Divine Bond (Meme version)

Divine Bond

Aggro Ziran

Midrange Ziran

Arcanyst Ziran

Surgeforger Brome


Midrange Kaleos

Jaguar Kaleos

Spiral Kaleos

Grandmaster Kaleos

Battle Pet Kaleos

Ox Kaleos

Aggro Reva

Mech Reva


Budget Spellhai

Shidai Arcanyst

Shidai Backstab


Aggro Zirix

Obelysks (Chicago)

Burn Zirix

Artifact Sajj

Artifact Sajj version 2

Midrange Ciphron

Golem Ciphron

Wizard Ciphron


Midrange Swarm

Aggro Cass

Midrange Cass

Dying Wish Maehv


Drogon Vaath

Keeper Vaath

Aggro Vaath

Wizard Starhorn

Dance of Memes


Budget Aggro Ragnora


Elder Eggs


Burn Faie

Aggro Faie

Vespyr Faie

Midrange Kara

Razorback Kara


Build Vanar

Midrange Illena


Almost forgot, some decks that aren’t mine or given by viewers were taken from other places mainly https://duelspot.com/ and DeathsAdvocate's Master Thread: Eternal Trials of Mythron so feel free to check those places out as well. Which is why they aren’t in this list. Also if people want to put the deck lists on other places, I don’t mind if people want to do that.

Also there are some decks that I’ve played that aren’t here, that’s either because I deleted them or weren’t ready for this list.


Is Aspect of Ego in Build Vanar entirely gratuitous, or is there a combo I’m not seeing? :heart:

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Added them to the wiki :slight_smile:


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Transform Time Keeper is the main purpose since transforming it into almost any other 4 drop will make it better after using its OG, can also be used as a soft removal option against enemy back line minions with annoying effects and transforming other low health minions on your side to avoid pings.


That is what I thought, thanks.

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The spellhai decks have too many cobra strikes and twin strikes. Would consider bringing them both down to at least 2 copies in both deck versions. Maybe even more.

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Probably, but I’m not a Spellhai player. Both versions were asked for, in different streams and I just made what would work at the time. More experienced players with those kind of decks would probably build them differently/better than what I did. But considering I worked with what I had and only spend around 5 mins building each of those decks deck, they turned out slightly better than expected as they both had over 50% win rate in diamond/s-rank. However, it was only a small amount of games on each and over a longer period of time/experience with them would find ways to refine them to work against whatever is being played at the time.


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