A dying wish of board control


Some day, i was looking at my cards, a few high cost legendaries sitting idle with no use at all and i saw an interesting combo, so i thought why not make it into a deck? Well, here it is.

I intend to make adjustments when the new set comes out, more dying wish cards, i want to try a full dying wish deck at some point utilizing Rebirth and Darkfire to the full.

Here’s my list, i still miss cards and i tweak things. Input welcome. If you try the idea out please come back with results or the adjustments you made :slight_smile:

---- Brief Guide ----

You don’t have early drops here. The strategy is to stall the game until you have 4 resources or with a little luck and darkfire in your opening hand as well as gor you can get going right away. With Darkfire Sacrifice you can play the big cost cards at early turns or proc your dying wish cards and play more cards too! I just love this card.

You can play it on Gor to get a Zurael with 5 resources and make a spectacular comeback when you had your board cleared

Gor gives you good positioning as you can throw your Shadowdancers far away too and make dispeling that much more difficult.

Aether is here to fix your card draw and give you more board control with Kron.

Bloodmoon priestess self-explanatory. More stuff spawning :slight_smile:

Rebirth is here to let you proc your Diolitas, get one 6/4 next turn and a free tombstone you can use deathfire on as well as the big Vorpal guy or Reaper. Kill him and you get yet another creature on the board! So that’s consecutively 2 free summons without you doing nothing

Locust i find is not so useful to flood the board, so it will probably become my second Vorpal Reaver when i get it.

Khymera well, more board control. And if you’re somewhat lucky you can get it with 6 resources.

Unseven, my favourite card. Fix your hand with Aether or with just a little luck pull a Vorpal Reaver with 4 resources or play a free Diolitas which in turn becomes a tombstone.

Gor and Sarlac give you lots of sacrificial victims for your spells as well as something to get dead to proc your Priestess and Shadowdancers.

Reaper of the Nine Moons, i wish this card worked with Rebirth :cry: It doesn’t, nor does Unseven. Because they occupy the same space as rebirth at the end of the turn.

I have played with quite a few anti-board control decks and so far i’ve been able to recover even 3 or 4 times and flood the board over and over.

I need another Vorpal Reaver for sure and perhaps another Sarlac instead of Gor. Hope you find the idea interesting.

Another viable card which is lower cost that Khymera is that legendary that spawns pets when it gets damaged, but i don’t have it at the moment

Forgive my lack of pretiness in the guide and the patched screenshot from the game :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you find the deck fun and interesting though! :smile_cat:


I have a dying wish deck which does well in Diamond, I do not have your swarm stuff but Ironclad, Vorpal, Gnasher, consuming rebirth darkfire sac of course and Nether Summoning make for epic turns :slight_smile:


A wiiish is a dreeeeam your heart makes ~ :musical_note:


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Well, arent you a ray of sunshine


Could Zurael get more copies of GOR and Sarlac?


I believe so. That’s how it works for Nether Summoning.


Interesting thought, i haven’t tested this yet. Gor was a recent addition for me so i wasn’t able to play Zurael yet with Gor. But since it’s a non token creature it should work

Also, the thread is getting crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


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