A dum backstab deck


This is it. It’s pretty dum. Yes, that is shadow waltz.

I’m running 3 of all these spells since they’ve all been integral to making the deck work, and the same goes for the minions. I’m pretty bad at not using 3 of something if it works well. The basic concept of this deck is either to set up twilight fox and pick off enemy minions or to get 4 minions caught in a shadow waltz. This deck REALLY does burn cards though, and that’s why I’m running triple ancestral divination, as you will often get a large amount of minions on the board with shadow waltz. If you want to suggest a change to this, please don’t include any epics or legendaries, I’m on a very tight budget right now (I would love juxta positions, lantern fox, onyx jaguar, but I simply don’t have the spirit right now.) Please do suggest anything you feel may make this deck better though, I’m fairly new to the game and barely made it to diamond previously.


Interesting deck there, pretty good for a budget deck. I was thinking of making something like that, but still haven’t got around to make it. The only thing I would add is a mask of shadows or two, but since you said no legendary cards I guess you will have to go without it.


Yeah, that’s something that could work wonders in this deck. It’s actually been a lot of fun, I’ve been running it in gold and winning a fair few games, which surprised me :3 I am considering adding 3 sojourners over something else, but I don’t know what I would take out - I like l’kian for the ability to get cards I don’t own. I’ve got onyx jaguar out of them twice and it’s worked wonders.


Almost a year ago when I first started playing, Scarlet Viper used to win me all of my games. Not sure how well it does these days though.
I actually have all those cards so I might give this a shot. The thing I would probably try and squeeze in would be a few ranged units like Ki Beholders/widow makers.


Well, all the cards are pretty essential to the deck so I can’t really afford to put any ranged units in.


budget deck? i don’t know what the point is in having the spirit value of a deck listed in a deckbuilder if it’s not going to accurately value cards many decks include that cannot be individually crafted. according to this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/4uiknr/postprismatics_orbs_content_preliminary_breakdown/ the average spirit value of a core orb is 219.89. therefore the gold cost of the expansion translates to 8575 spirit, a crafting value any deck containing any RotB cards should carry. likewise the seven sisters should each carry an 1800 spirit cost with any core set faction rares, or in L’Kian’s case up to 6 different neutral rares, counted at 0 spirit.


Well, i bought the expansion orbs and had to scrape together all the spirit I could get for the sworn sister.

edit: I’ll change the name


Replace Phoenix fires with repulsor beast. They can provide positioning and removal of minions by either pushing them away or combining with existing minions especially if you’re minions are pushed out of range and you don’t have your BBS or MD seal handy.


I’ve had this suggestion for both of my songhai decklists now, I’ll be sure to :slight_smile:


Been looking for a budget Songhai deck thanks. Will try it.


To be honest, this is very inconsistent, I have a better combo deck that surprisingly enough can climb in diamond, so if you want to see that and compare the two I’ll be happy to send you the other decklist :slight_smile:


props on using scarlet viper. I’ve always wanted to use it just because of its art :slight_smile:


I would add justaposition and cut ancestral divination for sojourner maybe or heaven’s eclipse. GOod thing with juxtaposition is that you can tp away an ennemy taunt for example or access an ennemy ranged.


Very nice burst with inner focus, with some obscuring blows on it you can get some very… cheeky, shall I say lethals


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