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A Different Take on Smashmar + Eternal Heart Needs a Nerf ;)


This is the most epic battle you will ever see, with a very humorous ending:

The point of this deck is to get a lotta damage on Vaath, and then use Saberspine Tiger with Effulgent Infusion as a finisher, if necessary. As usual, Grandmaster Kraigon probably shouldn’t be in there.

Deck Code

[deadly infusion]MTo0MDEsMzo0MjgsMTo0MzYsMzoxMDAxMiwzOjExMDg4LDM6MTkwNDQsMzoyMDExNywzOjIwMTIyLDM6MjAxMjUsMzoyMDI4OCwyOjIwMzM5LDM6MjAzNDQsMzoyMDM0NiwzOjIwMzU4LDM6MzAwMTI=


Effulgent Infusion is pretty spicy :hot_pepper:

I never thought to use Vaath as the one and only power supply. I’ve only ever played a swarmy version that uses board presence to fuel the buff spell.

Regardless, I bet our friend didn’t take too kindly to our infusion powah! :smiling_imp:


Actually, he used two eternal hearts in a row and won with 1 health the turn after I could’ve had a 1-off lethal. :sob:


The counter! :sob:

They must have seen effulgent infusion coming. A true 10,000 IQ player.


Wait… how does that work?


Oh, I guess that does sound weird at first. I get a swarm going. Then, I use twin fang and trade a bunch of minions into stuff. Effulgent infusion goes on the last minion I hit with. It’s almost like
Blood Rage I guess. And it made me less vulnerable to dispel.


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