A deck for zirix players who dont want obelysks


Hiddy ho duelerinos!

Apologies in advance for whatever grammar or formatting this ends up having; I’m on mobile. Anyway, this is my zirix artifact burn deck.

Strategy is just to keep the game even and slowly dwindle the opponents health down until you can safely surprise them with a barrage of spells or artifact synergy for the win.

Grove lion can keep you alive late game when you go for your big finish using your general or a combo with the 3/1 fire dudes who’s names I have now embarassingly forgotten.

I should say that I really suck at this game and I am somehow winning most of my matches since I’ve come up with the list. The times I’ve lost, I’ve made multiple big mistakes during the matches so I know that if someone with a modicum of talent used it or a variation, they might be able to have serious success.

Also, hi, I’m new here. I saw the site open and just invited myself in.



NowwayitsJ used a Zirix artifact combo deck in a tourney recently, not sure how it did but I don’t have any time maelstroms to try these kind of decks.

No autrach’s gifts?

How are the match-ups otherwise?


Yes! I should have mentioned nowayitsj’s decklist is what inspired the staffs and aouroras tears.

The autarch’s gift is a really fun card that I enjoy playing but it was just too random to be competitive. Those 6 mana plays can be clutch. I’d often hope for a splinecleaver and get a hexblade or visa versa.

This build dominates against songhai and abyssian and does pretty well versus lyonar. Magmar and vanar are the hard ones but if you understand their play styles in the current meta I’d say you have at least a 50/50 shot.

It’s all about knowing when to burst and when to retreat. The deck has a lot of reach so you can be sure lethal is still possible when you are isolated from the opponents general. Also nobody expects artifacts from zirix or this many copies of the ranged spells.

The over confidence of the other factions in this meta can be their weakness. They’ll think they have you; surrounded by minions and their general safe on the other side of the board and then BOOM. 2 bone swarms, and a rashas curse with a scions wish buff.


I am suprised there is no Falci (Plural form of Falcius?)

It would synergize similar to Grove Lion, except way cheaper. Protect Artifacts, nullify Flameblood Warlock damage, etc… I think Falcius is great in any deck, but it would be even better than it already is due to the strategies you are trying for

Very cool idea, I like Vetruvian, but I don’t like Dervishes haha. I am gonna give this list a try next time I have a Vet Quest.


I unno, I’m guessing it’s more about wearing the enemy general down with boneswarms, rasha’s curses and flamebloods and then jumping in for some surprise burst. I’m more surprised about the lack of dispel tbh.

The saddest part is that Zirix pulls these kind of decks off better than Sajj. Feelsbadman.


yeah totally. falcius is worth a shot. the thing i didnt like is that he wont help protect you during your opponent’s turn.

honestly though, i think i just prefer grove lion cuz it looks super rad lol. whats the point in playing if it doesnt feel cool right?

the cards id say you can try swapping are definitely the groves and also the oasis and 2nd wish.

worth trying perhaps are something that heals, saberspine, adjuncator and or primus fist and shield master.


I am a huge fan of Grove Lion too. I run 2 or 3x in most of my Vaath lists because lategame taking out a 7HP minion and not taking any retaliation damage is huuuuge.


Yah sometimes that is the case, you’ve just gotta use whatever ends up in your hand. If you don’t burst with the spells or warlock, you do with artifacts and time maelstrom or the tears.

I tried some dispel but it was just redundant as we just usually end up killing everything anyway. The times that we can’t pull that off though, we hopefully have an entropic or an aymara to lock them down.

I wouldn’t count sajj out though. I was just thinking after I posted this list that she would be worth trying this with. The dervish does come in handy but I can’t imagine that this deck really hinges on it.


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