A deck built around Polarity


Hi guys, so I’ve been around for a few months already, but this is the 1st time for me to share a deck. This one is really fun to play, featuring Polarity, which I’ve hardly ever seen many ppl use it. Please check it out and feel free to leave your comments :slight_smile:

About my card choices:

  • Azure Herald: nuff said, 3 precious hp, can be replaced by Healing Mystic or Crystal Cloaker to fight for mana tiles at early game
  • Hearthsister: a must-included in a Faie deck, works great w Warbird, or to track enemy down
  • Sojourner and Spelljammer: my card draw options, also the biggest problem of vanar in general…
  • Windstopper: to deal with rangehai, a heartseeker w even Killing Edge can’t kill him in 1 turn; also works great w Polarity, really situational, but fun, no one expects 7 damage from this guy :slight_smile:
  • Primus Shield and Silhouette: solid 4 drops, 6 hp can turn into 6 surprise dmg when Polarity comes out.
  • Midrange control tool: Sleet Dasher and 3x Boundless Courage.
  • Removal tools: 2 Chromatic Cold and 3 Dancing blades for single targets; 2 enfeeble, 2 Coldbiter, and Bonereaper for AOE, these 3 work very well with one another.
  • Main wincon: Polarity on Bonereaper, Draugar Lord and War Talon, with 9 surprise damage at max. Bone and Talon also have immediate impact, to staple the enemy General down. Draugar is usually used for blocking when we have to fall back a bit. 6 mana for 8/16, worth it :smiley:

Thanks for reading guys, sorry if the post is too long.
Have a nice time dueling!


Is there a reason for not using Owlbeast Sage?


Whistling Blade ?
Still Provoke, same cost as Talon, vulnerable to Vortex, but could be fun to go 15 face :slight_smile:


[quote=“whalewhiskers, post:2, topic:7493, full:true”]
Is there a reason for not using Owlbeast Sage?
[/quote] You have to build your deck more around the Arcanyst theme rather than just focusing on Polarity. I run 2x Polarity in this list and it is more like “it would be great if I drew polarity in this situation”

For anyone to lazy to try to piece it together it ends up with:

maybe bbs,
chromatic cold,
general attack,
a flying 2 ATK illusion
a flying 3 ATK, alcuin
a flying 4 ATK, drake
and a bad mamma jamma 16 or so ATK Owlbeast


I really like Draugr Lord its a super fun card. Pretty much wins the game if they don’t have a Transform effect as long as you don’t die in the next couple turns. So much value. Cool ideas, always nice to see some underutilized cards come into play

It is also worth noting that Polarity has a decent amount of uses.
You can use it as a tempo card and make easy trades,
You can use it aggressively by pushing for massive face damage
You can kill obelysks and eggs with it (sorry struggling archetypes)
You can use it on a damage minion with high ATK to swap it out for a beefy low ATK one
You can buff minions out of Nat Selec/Plasma Storm range


I did a couple of tweaks to keep the spirit of the initial deck from @jkmaikhoi and finally ran with this :

I didn’t want to add Owlbear as I already have a dedicated Vanarcanyst/Polarity in my usual decks.

Changes :

  • more heals (and 2 drops)
  • Wisp to ramp faster towards those big guys
  • switched Windstopper for Sojorner only
  • switched Talon for Whistling Blade

Anecdotes :

  • Deck is so-so with current fast meta (tested mid-gold).
  • managed to pull a Polarity on Whistling and it was pure joy :slight_smile:
  • got a nice board clean with Polarized Courage Dasher that led to a concede, having this made beast running everywhere doing 8dmg at every stop is hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:
  • had a funny Polarity the DancingBlade on a fresh dropped Ironcliffe (usually its a AotFox)

Strange fact : did a dozen match and almost all of them were vs. Argeon or Vetruvian.

Refining planned :

  • switch Herald or Mytics for CrystalCloaker to be more agressive or maybe Azure Horn Shaman … (+4health could turn into +4damage with Polarity)
  • find a slot to switch for Alcuins in order to get more Polarities (3 isn’t enough)
  • Kiri is fun with Polarity but you really have to combo with BCourage or you lost the interest of Celerity, need to find a replacement maybe


hmmm, 2 Owlbeast can be in the place of 2 Dasher, but then the deck would be too weak in early game :frowning: It’s most suitable in a whole Arcanyst + Polarity deck.

Yes, I did try Whistling Blade once or twice, pretty fun of course, but then figured it out that it’s not much better than Talon. That 2 dmg can be a target of Psychic conduit, Zenrui, or even Blood Siren… Talon’s Frenzy isn’t usually used, it’s there to freak ppl out for a turn hehe, and his 9 dmg is pretty enough at that point of the game. [quote=“BlankTrack, post:5, topic:7493”]
I really like Draugr Lord its a super fun card. Pretty much wins the game if they don’t have a Transform effect as long as you don’t die in the next couple turns. So much value. Cool ideas, always nice to see some underutilized cards come into play

Me too, maybe I’ll try to fit another Lord in and an Iceblade Dryad to make this sand bag FLY!


Nice changes you got there :smiley: Kiri is a pity indeed, would be much better if he has 3 attack, then with Polarity on, we got 8/3, which means possibly 16 dmg to the enemy General.

The only problem for our decks is card draw as always … Sojourner still seems fairly slow :frowning:


Yeah Draugr is a blast. I used to only play it when I got it from Vespiric Call then I was like man I should run an original copy in my deck too.

It is very situational but Aspect of the Drake is also one of my favorites. Your deck doesn’t synergize with it as well as most traditional Vanar Decks do but it is an ungodly feeling pulling off fullscreen lethal with it.


Did more refining :

  • switched Whistling back to Talon as @jkmaikhoi convinced me
  • solved my Alcuin-to-get-more-Polarity problem by adding … Twilight Sorcerers ! which should have a nice synergy with Polarity too
  • added Bonereaper back
  • added a third Courage because it never failed me on previous tests
  • removed Mystics, 9x2drops is enough
  • replaced Herald with Azure Horn (maybe gonna lack healing)

Edit : on my first test match, Twilight Sorcerer saved the day by bringing me the right spell at the right time to go lethal ! :slight_smile:


Yeah it looks pretty consistent now :smiley: You’re right abt having more Polarity. This card is also a great removal tool. I would not hesitate a bit to apply it at early game: on vet structures; on Silverguard Knight (it will turn into a 7/1 if Zealed, or 5/1 without Zeal) so your Wisp and Azure Herald can easily trade life w it; on Ironcliffe as you said, so a Hearthsister can trade, or simply Dancing Blade :slight_smile:


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