A cry to stormshade


I’d like to think it could last forever.

You don’t start dying until around 25 where you stop growing/developing and begin to exit your prime after a peak period. The same is true for a game, as long as it’s growth trend remains overal going up it is growing, it starts dying when it starts declining. Both games and people can do things to revitalize or become healthier, and there can also be points of no return. But a game can have a much more indefinite life.

I agree with avoiding excessive doom and gloom, holding out hope, and still loving the game. But things are being handled poorly, there is a lack of marketing, and the games current state is a really unpleasant spot to leave in an extended stagnation. It’s why rather then complaining I made my fan made balance patch.

I am very happy to hear the game is staying open indefinitely and thus why I dislike saying the game is dying/is going to die. However it is on the decline and this particular period is causing as much of an issue as some of the early controversial core game mechanic changes.


I’ve been dying on the inside since a lot earlier than that.


I didn’t mean you, @snowshot. It is just a general observation how these things are often phrased.

It is obvious CPG wants to do something else and I can understand that. It is a creative field of work and there you sometimes want to do something new and different. Duelyst is not their main project anymore and we all have no ideas what that means for Duelyst itself shrug

I’d love to have it last forever @deathsadvocate but we have to be realistic. That doesn’t mean the game’s servers shut down in the near future but our expectations what should or will happen with the game have to adapt to the situation.
I would also like to see some changes not as many or as big ones as you propose but some things should be adjusted. So I hope there is something coming in Q4, it is really quiet on that front though. Same on hiring a new CM.


But the rate at which your body produces cells out does the rate at which your cells die until about ~23 or 25?


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