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A concerned ol' player really hurt by this game


I’m really sorry to taint the forums with negativity, and I know here isn’t really the right enough place to ask about this, but I have been accused of hacking and I don’t know what to say…
The way said accuser approached me was… harsh, I’d say, I started off trying to understand the context and stepping low, but they took it as a gesture of guilt and pushed harder. I don’t want to really name said person, but —I’m sorry— I’m worried its just spam or a malicious attacker… If I have been dragged into some drama I don’t know —I haven’t been visiting the forums in months— someone please tell me if this guy could be a bad guy… I feel guilty even though I have absolutely no idea what was going on, I just felt that this good sir was sad to be a victim of possibly a hack, but it is not my place to say so. Do not by any means contact them, I fear that that’s just gonna drag myself into worse ground. Fyi, he was the guy who first added me mid-game, and the first picture i post here is the actual start of the convo…


And he reworded in in such a way on Reddit that made it even more believable that he’s trying to frame me…

His logic, which I doubt on second thought, was that new error messages never seen before attribute themselves to illegal or unfair actions… I felt really suspicious, disappointed yet sad. He used the usual scam tactic of bringing in supposed “pasts” of us, then proceeded to do amateur lawyer-style interrogation-based counter-arguements that really just rendered me speechless, topping it off with just taunting me with sex-related slurs… I don’t feel angry, but I’m really concerned if they’re really that mean, or is it really a malicious attack TwT

I’d expect this convo in irl Malaysia(where I come from) against a trans gay open mixed blood poor man, not in a game, and, sadly to say, a dying game… Once again, I’m really sorry that I had to vent here, since I’m the only player in my friend circle…


I’ll admit I didn’t read your dialogue in full, but this whole “my game hit a snag thus you’re hacker” is just nonsense.
Yes, theoretically it’s possible that someone knowledgeable enough found a way to make the server error out midmatch to avoid a loss. Yes, it is also possible that devs are so lame that they send full ordered decklists of both players to clients. But chances for both of that are low and most likely it would already be known in the community.


The dude I’s a little bitch man.

You should’ve told him to choke on a fat one and delete him for eternity.


Relax dude. He’s just mad and foolish, you have no reason to care.


I usually don’t approve of naming and shaming, but damn. What an ass.


Here’s a professional opinion: the guy’s a d*ckhead as well as an actual idiot. So, the worst type to encounter :smile: You really shouldn’t feel bad at all, but it’s very understandable these kind of convos can cause a lot of unnecessary tension.


Dude, ur player from Malaysia? me too. (instant hi-5)
Anyway, don’t mind him/her/it. He’s an ass, try to justified his mean that for sure.


lol. he said the first sign of a liar is trying desperately trying to prove your point, but isn’t that what he was doing? he’s just looking for attention. he is just an ass hat. please tell me you removed him.


The other day a guy called me pathetic for “winning on a bug” because his timer ran out and he couldnt queue all his actions


Should have just ignored the guy.
Clearly someone not listening to anything you say and bad language.
An error message being connected to hacking is stupid.
I’m surprised such a bad conversation lasted so long. Most guys “friend”, talk rubbish, then unfriend.

The correct action would be to ignore and report.

The guy “wasn’t born yesterday” but clearly still immature and has no sign of growing up.


Funny stuff. I wanted to check this reddit thread, read some hilarious comments and post some shit about this idiot, but the thread seems to be nonexistant.

I guess, the guy was too unsatisfied with comments and deleted the thread. Too bad, I was looking for some fun.


should we all just add and report? see how badly his game runs then XD


You must have just missed it, it was full of people telling them that they were foolishly mistaken. I’m fairly sure they were a newish player that had never seen a snag before.

But please don’t harass or insult anybody, they jumped to a rushed conclusion and acted poorly, but it’s not good to sink to their level.


And now I feel guilty for even thinking about trolling this guy :confused:

But you know me, I’m pretty civilized usually… at least I think so.

And still jumping to wrong conclusions and blaming people for smth they didn’t do is not cool. Newish player or not.

EDIT. I found the thread, he deleted it. Not so many funny comments, I’m dissapointed.



Whenever I have this kind of experience I default to briefly saying a polite goodbye and exiting the situation. People are fallible; I assume the preceding circumstances in their lives are beyond my knowledge and let them be.

Sometimes…I act like I am having a completely different conversation just to confuse them, but all in good humor.

Don’t worry about it too much.


Dont even bother with people like that, just remove them and you never have to see their messages again. It’s like feeding a troll a delicious piece of cake, they will just keep coming back.


Not this guy deleted that post but I did with my powers as a Reddit mod. I had several reasons for that. First it didn’t contribute anything, second the accusations are total and utter nonsense, third this guy reacted to some comments in a way that I thought I have to stop it before it escalates.


Pro-hacker mods conspiracy confirmeded :wink:

Good call on not letting this escalate further!


Yeah I noticed that person likes to discuss but without listening to other people’s opinions but just repeating their own points and being rude.


Eyyyyy~ <3

I see your reasoning in said reply, thanks a lot. But I’m just a bit sad at how bad a game community of good guys like y’all can still have people like this…