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A collection of priority crafts


Here is a list of cards that i think should be crafted before memes. i figure that any new players would like to have an idea of cards they should craft. i am by no means an expert, so i will take recommendations/advice. This is by no means a complete list or expert advice, just a place to share your knowledge of cards that are just to good not to have. For new players, it would be best to focus on the neutral minions first, since they can be used in most of your decks. (Not organized by priority.)

Commons: Draining wave, Sunrise Cleric, Pureblade Enforcer, Sunbloom, Warblade, Scintilla, Suntide Maiden …
Rares: Arclyte Sentinel, Ironcliffe Guardian …
Epic: Holy Immolation …
Legendary: Acrylite Regalia …

Common: Gotatsu, Mist Dragon Seal, Thunderbomb …
Rare: Mana Vortex, Bangles of Blinding Strike, Gore Horn, Ki Beholder, Geomancer …
Epic: Juxtaposition, Battle Panddo, Lantern Fox, Spiral Technique …
Legendary: Crescent Spear, Eight Gates, Tusk Boar, Grandmaster Zendo

Common: Rae, Dreamshaper, Dunecaster, Divine Spark, Falcius, Blood of Air, Starfire Scarab …
Rare: Lavastorm Obelysk, Pax, Fireblaze Obelysk, Sandswirl Reader …
Epic: Rasha’s Curse, Lost in the Desert, Star’s Fury …
Legendary: Cataclysmic Fault …

Common: Aphotic Drain, Furiosa, Inkling Surge, Bound Tormentor, Grasp of Agony, Void Pulse …
Rare: Darkfire Sacrifice, Punish, Yielding Depths, Munch, Ooz, Ritual Banishing, Bloodtide Priestess, Furor Chakram, Shadowdancer …
Epic: Spectral Blade, Wraithcrown, Reaper of the Nine Moons, Betrayal …
Legendary: Deathfire Crescendo, Mindlathe, Soul Grimwar, Desolator, Klaxon, Vorpal Reaper, Obliterate …

Common: Entropic Gaze, Invigoration, Young Silithar, Ragebinder, Wild Inceptor …
Rare: Flash Reincarnation, Rancour, Egg Morph, Thumping Wave, Elucidator, Tectonic Spikes …
Epic: Kujata, Homeostatic Rebuke, Lavaslasher, Makantor Warbeast, Zoetic Charm …
Legendary: Vindicator, Progentior, Saurian Finality …

Common: Bonechill Barrier, Crystal Wisp, Hearth-Sister, Blinding Snowstorm, Hailstone Prison, Aspect of the Bear …
Rare: Snowchaser, Moonlit Basilysk, Razorback, Luminous Charge, 2x Endless Hunt …
Epic: Glacial Fissure, Malicious Wisp, Circulus …
Legendary: Gravity Well, Ghost Seraphim, Aspect of the Mountain, Grandmaster Embla…

Commons: Azure Herald, Cryptographer, Maw, Primus Fist, Replicant, Rust Crawler, Blaze Hound, Wild Tahr, Frostbone Naga, Silhouette Tracer, Dancing Blades …
Rare: Celebrant, Golem Metallurgist, Abjudicator, Prismatic Illusionist, Soujourner, Lightbender, Impervious Giago, Emp …
Epic: Aethermaster, Bloodbound Mentor, Dioltas, Purgatos the Realmkeeper, Thunder Horn, Sunset Paragon, Bonereaper …
Legendary: Decimus, Spelljammer, Inquisitor Kron …


Look here what cards these budget decks share for additional input to your list. What cards are in many of these decks?

You are not talking about Neutral which is even more important to a new player than the factions themselves because they are usable in more decks.

I am also not sure how useful that list is in itself. Why not just looking at one or more (budget) decks and going for that? You are mixing a lot of different archetypes and someone crafting your list has cards for many archetypes but not for anything concrete. (There are also some weird choices like Bonechill barrier, Silithar Elder, Blinding Snowstorm, Cacophynos, Divine Spark, Pureblade Enforcer but no Azurite Lion)

What is the difference to a disenchanting guide?


yeah. i ran short on time on the neutrals, they will be updated shortly, if possible. thx for the input. :smile: and i have no clue what a disenchanting guide is. i have an idea for a few archetypes that would be useful for beginners.


A disenchanting guide is a guide which tells you which cards are safe to disenchant and which to keep / craft.

I am working on one with some other people right now. We have some but not one updated to 1.96.


My advice would be to categorise cards into different sections rather than X card should be crafted, and provide reasoning with each card (if possible).

Like if you wanted to make it very simple, you have a “Keep section” for cards that are good, useful or tech cards and a “Disenchant section” for cards that basically see no play or are not viable enough to be played unless you really want to meme with them. In terms of a disenchantment guide. For a crafting guide, it would be more on budget reasons and how easy that card can be used or fit into a variety of different decks. Since more decks that can use that card, a better investment it is to use spirit for that card.


Priority crafts faction-wise and importance wise






Starhorn is in a really weird place right now. He’s practically one of the worst general’s in the game since he draws your opponent your card. However, there is one particular card that makes starhorn viable. That’s decimus. Starhorn literally only goes in Decimus lists(for competitive play). He has a few other niche uses, such as Swarm lists, Battle pet lists(lol) and possibly a mill list. Starhorn works well for decks that burn their hand super fast too, such as Hatefurnace lists, or other decks that use cheap spells.


Your current best bet for fast climbing. Ragnora is at the very top of Duelyst, easily SS, and by most measures broken. Wanderer Ragnora is the strongest deck according to at least three or four tier lists, and for good reason that too. Ragnora’s greatest most defining feature is her rippers, and she is always used with greater fortitude, or some sort of egg card. Cryptographer works really well too. That being said, everybody in the forums and the game will think you’re a daft fucking cunt if they catch you playing Ragnora, and @isbee will start liking your posts till your notifications explode in your face and you die.


The thiccest general in Duelyst ( I dare you to contest me on that @halcyon98 ). Va’ath is not favoured in the current meta due to the fact that Cataclysmic fault exists. That being said, he’s a very powerful general, and Midrange Va’ath is a great place to get started for beginners.



Makantor Warbeast(epic- 350 spirit):

our god

Basically the best minion in the entire game, no questions asked, no questions answered. Somebody once called this thing Memekantor Dankbeast, and they weren’t wrong. But we know him by a better name, Memekantor Jesus.

It exists. Need I say more?

Homeostatic Rebuke(epic- 350 spirit): The best removal in game. Mostly everything dies to it. It fits perfectly, and is usually chosen over plasma storm. Also comboes with Dankbeast.

Flash Reincarnation(rare- 100 spirit): The best ramp in game no questions asked period . Play it in every list you have dankbeast in, unless you are meme god.


Priority: SS+

Young Silithar(Common- 40 spirit): Super sticky two drop, decent statline, it’s easily one of the best two drops in the entire game.

Tectonic Spikes(rare- 100 spirit): This card alone makes Starhorn meta. Played with decimus, it allows lethal at seven mana, or five mana with Flash reincarnation. It’s a worthwhile craft, but only craft it if you plan on also crafting Decimus, which is a legendary.

Progenitor(legendary- 900 spirit): It has an intensely powerful effect that fits into practically any deck. However it works best in egg decks, or midrange decks; Play it for a quick tempo swing, and the situation and quckly descend into an answer or die scenario for your opponent. Not fun to play against.

Zoetic Charm(epic- 350 spirit): An artifact for egg decks, it’s a little too cracked, makes Duelyst kingdom rush. You play tower defense with eggs, blocking your enemies, and smacking with rippers. Basically it’s really good, and if you’re creating an eggnora deck it’s worth the craft.


Priority: S

Lavaslasher(epic- 350 spirit): One of the best golems in game, it fits perfectly in your curve for tempo, midrange and control lists. Use it with ragebinder and golem metallurgist.

Ragebinder(common- 40 spirit): Excellent tempo, very sticky body, sweet effect. Never good solo, always play with golem package.

Upper Hand(rare- 100 spirit): Not everybody’s first choice, but it’s actually an excellent card. Upper Hand allows you to skip t1p1 or t1p2, and allows you to remove any threat your opponent drops next turn, except for any super thicc bois.

Egg Morph(rare- 100 spirit): Doubles not only as sexy removal, but also for insane burst with greater fortitude, since newly hatched eggs have rush. The card used to be really good removal too, but because of powercreep, it’s pretty shit compared to blood of air, or other single target removals. Hell, even dark transformation is better. However in an egg deck it’s synergy is too great to ignore and is practically a must. Alternately, instead of this you can also craft

Wild Inceptor(common- 40 spirit): A 3/3 body and a freshly hatched ripper ready to tear your opponents into pieces? Anyday. Again, only for egg decks, but I include this here because egg decks are meta right now.


Other crafts that aren't priorities.

Kujata(epic- 350 spirit): Kujata is cool ramp, but it’s weak body dies quickly. It’s a magmar card that’s worth collecting though, since it enables a shitload of combos

Invigoration(common- 40 spirit): Excellent burst heal on a curve. Great late game. However the you have to play one of these early on for it to be any good.

Earth Sphere(common- 40 spirit): Burst heal. For four mana it’s pretty good. Patches you up if you’re in a tight one, and usually provides enough sustain to outlast your opponent(Don’t try this against burn Zi’ran, you’re asking to be cunted left right and center.

Elucidator(rare- 100 spirit): This is a really fun card. It’s not meta, it was once, but those were the good old days. It’s usually pretty shit against meta decks due to 4 self damage, but it can burst down an opponent in a pinch, and is a great tempo play. While it’s not the greatest, craft it to have some fun.

Rancour(rare- 100 spirit): Rancour is super fun. It’s not meta again, and works best with stuff like flameblood warlock, and elucidator, but it denies your opponent the fun of punching you in the face.


thanks for the input! super helpful!


np. Your current list for magmar has a ton of problems in that it includes a lot of things that just don’t work anymore. Silithar elder, drogon, finality isn’t what it used to be. Thumping wave too is not the force it once was. Rancour, and gaze as well. Similarly a lot of really important cards are ignored, so you should prolly update that. Other than that, nice job!


Updated, thanks to @boronian and @fr0stfyre1


Finality is still a very strong card even after nerf. Beside the Ka punishment it is a great finisher or comeback card.

And Drogon is still a core card to Smash Vaath which is a working archetype.

These recommendations always depend on what the person reading them is interested in.


They are strong cards, but I don’t feel like finality is as powerful as it used to be anymore. That’s mainly because the card rarely works out against most meta decks I’ve come across( In my experience, I could be playing it wrong) and it feels far more like a win more card. imo I think something like bounded lifeforce is a lot better.

Smash vaath got thrown out of the meta the moment fault became popular. It’s also been hit hard by how common ping has become, since almost every deck techs ping to deal with eggs. Burn ziran has all of her pinging to bring to the board too. As the game continues, more people will grind to get fault, ziran, and the like, and as they become more common, smash vaath gets sidelined more and more. Then again, we don’t really have much of a meta anymore since everybody just plays meme decks now.

These are just my ideas on these decks.


Vanar priority crafts for very new players:

Common: Aspect of the Bear, Hearth Sister, Crystal Wisp, Hailstone Prison, Wailing Overdrive.
Rare: Snowchaser, Moonlit Basilisk, Razorback, Luminous Charge, 2x Endless Hunt
Epic: Malicious Wisp, Circulus
Legendary: Gravity well, Ghost Seraphim, Aspect of the Mountain, Grandmaster Embla… Literally too many to list as half of the Vanar playbook is written on premium Legendary pages.

Neutral draw cards are also necessary to support Vanar: Spelljammer is a must craft.


Neutral Legendaries worth crafting: Spelljammer, Inquisitor Kron, Reliquarian.


…die from exploding self-confidence and appreciation!


Abysslan priority crafts:

Common: Bound Tormentor, Grasp of Agony, Void Pulse

Rare: FUROR CHAKRAM, Darkfire Sacrifice, Xerroloth, Dark Seed

Epic: Spectral Blade, Betrayal (1/2x)


Lilithe: Ritual Banishing, Shadowdancer, Furiosa, Inkling Surge, Wraithcrown, Deathfire Crescendo OR Soul Grimwar, (Vorpal Reaver)

Cass: Punish, Munch, Ooz, Obliterate (2x), Yielding Depths, (Klaxon)

Maehv: (Mindlathe) (most other staples besides Xor are neutral)

Please don’t craft Caco, Priestess or Aphotic Drain before crafting the priority cards in the respective rarity class (and for generals you want to play) first. Unless you really only want to play Xor, in which case you can ignore this guide since Xor is basically just a couple decktypes among literally hundreds in Abyssian.


Reliq is a very fringe case tbh. If you want to have awsum levelz of fun then sure, but the same argument could be made for Qatar. Jax Truesight or Lady Locke might actually be in this list on the other hand since they are useful on a wide variety of decks.


thx for the feedback guys!!! i appreciate it!!! will update ASAP


neutral crafts for magmar:

Golem Metallurgist
Decimus(Magmar only)
Naga(for practically every budget wanderer list)
Cryptographer : Probably one of the most used two drops, it works in legit everything form hyperswarm to smash vaath.
Bloodbound mentor: Goes in any deck crypto worms its way into

@bepoest Reliq boi is one of the most fun meme cards, and most certainly unsuitable for new players imo.


Okay, okay, Reliquarian is not a priority craft. I got carried away.


Dat thicc body, the massive golden weapon, endless combos, 7 distinct token artifacts created just for this big boi… who wouldn’t get carried away :wink: no bromo