A bug maybe? Maybe


The people who don’t want to be tipped have got their wish, cant do it now, what can I use all this gold on now!


Give it to me

Give it to my 15 chars


I f l a g g e d the top post with something else
“Pay attention to this hotfix level post mods”


Probably should’ve mentioned that its a problem for, like, everyone
But yeah
Also, I cant seem to alt tab without disconnecting from a match


Are you on the standalone client? Thats what I use, and I have it set to windowed mode. That way you can move it around and play while doing other stuff. Even with the glitch

Stormshade and the others are looking into it. Flagging the post actually worked.


Im running on steam, I dont think I can even make it windowed through that. I remember trying once and failing


You can probably get the client and easily transfer. I know I can.


Add -Windowed to launch options (credits go to T2k5 for tip).


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