91 wins from 30 to S: Poverty Faice



A few days ago, I decided to create a smurf, since it’s what all the cool kids on the Discord are doing, and rank it up to S as fast as possible. Inspired by the fact that I had no spirit, I set about to do this with the cheapest possible deck.

This is the result: Poverty Faice! It costs a total 900 spirit and got me most of the way from 30 to S with a 75% winrate-- I started laddering with the basic decks :stuck_out_tongue: . (Proof: https://i.imgur.com/bRwG5fh.png ) Basically, it’s the successor to the legendary facemonkey Zirix decks of yore.

Most of these cards are staple in face Faie decks, but a few might stand out.

Maw: I initially ran Aspect of the Fox, but I found that it was too often dead in hand. Maw offers significantly higher and more consistent board control, and is amazing for preventing your enemy from effectively stopping your gameplan.

Blaze Hound: This is a good alternative to Spelljammer. It offers draw as well as a powerful body. I initially ran Wings of Paradise, but I found myself too often lacking good value minions, as well as card draw.

Primus Shieldmaster: This is actually a very good card for locking down your opponent. It prevents kiting and allows you to be more efficient with Snowpiercer. It also is a good value minion, which helps you win games that are more drawn out.

The gameplan is pretty simple. Generally, you want to use your low-cost pings and Snowpiercer to build a board advantage over the first few turns, then SMOrc SMOrc SMOrc . The rest is up to positioning. :wink:

Rank deck suggestion

Hmm interesting…congrats on that quick s rank. Will have to try this one out.


Congrats on S rank :smile: I’m going to have to try it out ^^


As someone who was trying to get from 14 to 10 using a <1000 deck and is currently 18, I am impressed with the level of skill it must require to do what you did!


What do you mean with the SMOrc acronym Sir :interrobang:

I guess it’s the Faye’s Bloodborn Spell ? :wink:


SMOrc - this means hit opponents face


I just tried this deck or something very close to it and got absolutely destroyed by a Starhorn/Mechazor deck before I could barely do anything, lol.


First of all thanks for sharing your deck.
I’ve tried to do something similar yesterday. Instead of 2x flameblood warlock and 3x blaze hounds, I’ve used a spelljammer, 2x aspect of the drake, 1x venom toth, and I can’t remember the last one…
I’ve never played an aggro deck and it was fun (just did 1 match, and won it \o/).

Having more spirit to spend, which cards would you replace with which ones?

Thanks again!


I would consider replacing Maws with Arakis, for one. I’m not actually sure whether Blaze Hound or Spelljammer works out better, but I might do something like -3 Maw, -1 Shieldmaster, +2 Araki, +2 Spelljammer to test. I’m not really a fan of Toth or WoP in Faice, so I’d keep those out. I don’t run Faice on my main so I can’t really say much more. :stuck_out_tongue:


After a week of testing, pretty fun and efficient, and best of all, it’s cheap for a starting player (like me :stuck_out_tongue:)

After dozens of match, I just replaced the 3xPrimusFist with 3xShiro Puppydragon which I was lucky to already have :wink:

I’d love to add 3xBlistering Scorn but don’t have the orbs and dunno which to replace … maybe the Shieldmasters, go all gun blazing and hope to be faster than opponent :imp: !


wow, i am terrible with this deck. just from 5 games, i lost 4


It’s the famous © “RDW” ™ from Duelyst :wink:


Thanks for the reply!
I’m playing that deck a bit and i’m having a lot of fun with it.
What about razorback? could it fit or it’s too slow?


What do you think of -1 maw -1 naga +2 chackrams?

Its slow, but having a 5/5 in the very early game that isnt weak at all to dispel might help loosen up the pressure on your other minions and allow you to go straight up face next turn instead of controlling the board since they will spend all their resources blowing it up


I used to run Chaos Elemental in my Kara decks for that reason. It’s just a big thing to play on 3 mana, silencing would only improving it, and there’s most often no reliable way to pop it, since it teleports around on damage. You could try that one out.


@eldynamite thanks for this deck.

I ran a similar-but-different Faie aggro deck to get me to gold but it kind of stalled there. I am now trying yours out to see if it works better.

I happen to have 3 spelljammers (one of my few legendary triplets) so I put them in place of the hounds.

What do you think about skorns in this sort of deck? They are very handy AoE removal. Maybe in place of 1 maw, 1 fist, 1 naga? Curious as to your thoughts on that. :slight_smile:


thanks for the cheap deck build i am loving it!!!
i replaced one naga with voice of the wind just because i had one.
has taken me from rank 19 to rank 10!!


What do you think about skorns in this sort of deck? They are very handy AoE removal. Maybe in place of 1 maw, 1 fist, 1 naga? Curious as to your thoughts on that.

I’m one of the few people who still run skorn frequently, but I wouldn’t put it in this deck. Generally the game should never get to a point where Naga can’t do what a Skorn would. If I weren’t running Naga, I would probably run Skorn. Of course, there’s also meta differences; when people start running 3x Heartseeker and swarm becomes tier 0 again, I might switch to Skorn. I prefer Naga in this deck because it does 2 damage, which is significantly more than 1, in terms of how many meta minions have even and odd hp (looking at u kron).

i replaced one naga with voice of the wind just because i had one.

I’d recommend against that-- Voice of the Wind isn’t nearly as good as Naga or Shieldmaster in this deck :stuck_out_tongue:


How does this work against the shim’zar meta? I’m currently rank 7, looking for advice! Here’s what i’m running:

Thank you <3


That version looks worse than the old one. Either way, aggro is a lot weaker now because there is simply too much stuff to remove. You usually want to have 3x pushdog as your only removal together with chromas depending on the situation. That is simply not enough post expansion for the deck to be competitive at high ranks. It would be fine if we got some good aggro cards to compensate but we didn’t, Wailing is quite meh for aggro imo.