900 Spirit for a neutral Legend : Kron, Zen'Rui, Spelljammer or another?


Let’s say you’re a starting player, with average rare and epic cards to play any faction.

You have 900 Spirit to create one single neutral Legendary that you plan to use in any of your 6 factions decks and start climbing the ladder.

Which one would it be ?

  • Inquisitor Kron
  • Zen’Rui The Blightspawned
  • Spelljammer
  • Another (give details by replying to this message)

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Feel free to reply with your argument about your choice :wink:


Kron: When he gets nerfed you can get the Spirit back :wink:


Personnaly voted Zen’Rui, reasons :

  • Zen’Rui is an immediate gain and a simultaneous loss for the opponent
  • Zen’Rui (cost 5) can be comboed with attack-lowering cards (egging, blood siren, blindscorch)
  • Current meta seems to lead everyone having a lot of dispell (bad for Kron/Spelljammer)
  • Everytime I faced Kron, I’ve been able to deal with next turn
  • Spelljammer power can be replaced at some extent by cheap Sojourner or Blaze Hound, it doesn’t bring any new special feature to the table

Maybe I’m wrong but feel free to correct me, that’s the point of this poll and I’m a “new” player :wink:


I would say it depends on the faction the person is trying to main. For example, Aymara is the best for Vetruvian, and I would say spectral revanent (or obliterate for creep) is best for abyssian. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all factions, and others would probably focus on the aforementioned legendaries in this post or other strong faction cards, like holy immolation.


The exact point of the poll is to pick a NEUTRAL minion that will fit in any deck, not a faction one :laughing:


Oh, my bad XD. Thank you for pointing that out. Zenrui all the way in that case


These are all great in different archetypes.

  • Spelljammer is probably the least important to craft since Blaze hound ans Sojourner can get the same results.
  • Kron is great in any midranged or lategame deck. However, he does not really do anything spectacular. He’s just a big clump of value.
  • Zen’rui is weird and provides a unique effect. However, his value might change any minute as the meta shifts.

In conclusion, probably Kron, since midranged decks are the most diverse and relevant to all factions.


I don’t think they are going to nerf Kron. While an amazing card from my experience from playing with the card and against it in diamond he doesn’t seem as crazy as everyone once thought. You at most usually get two uses out of him before he is either dispelled or dealt with. I can’t think of a single game I’ve played this season where someone completely snowballed a game out of control with him.


the thing is Kron is pretty much viable in everydeck (hes oriented towards midrange & control though) just because he is a big guy, in the middle of mana curve, that gives more mini dudes.

The other examples are more dependant not only of the archetype: Spelljammer is mostly aggro oriented because in those decks, you usually dump your hand easily and she povides not only a body but also draw; and meta dependant: last season ZenRui would have been a midterm to bad option, but as for today, with all the songhai and vet, he becomes a way better card.

So, going back to the poll: given a generic context, a generic card: Kron.


I would say Zen’Rui, The BlightSpawned, except even Lantern Fox may be “too slow” for Songhai now. =S

So, it will have to be Professor Kronikle, 'cause without 'im, it’s quintuply difficult to meet the one Provoke a turn and twice on even turns quota mandated by our red Songhai overlords and still function while transacting with the lesser factions. You need to pressure the red bastahs real hard while keeping up with your mandated Provoke quota. Kronikle is your only chance really.


Well if they don’t nerf him I will be incredibly happy :smiley: I’ve been playing Replace Lyonar with moderate success (white widow RNG carried me to diamond) and I’d hate to lose him.


Unpopular opinion here,but since it’s for starters,i’d take Unseven over spelljammer. that way you can take advantage of the necroseers you’re probably gonna be using in your early game decks and keep drawing cards a little more while also getting a good value minion out of it(the one to be spawned by unseven).
But i’m new,don’t mind me if what i say sounds like a bad idea.


Unseven doesnt see play, specially in higher ranks, he is not only slow but allows the opponent to prepare for whats coming. Also, if you are new, i wouldnt go for specific archetypes legendaries, and i would even say not to go for neutrals: they look like they could fit any deck, and they dont, even being neutral you use them at the most in 3 factions, and faction legendaries are always better. But thats just my personal opinion.

Unfortunately there arent that many great neutral legendaries that work in many decks, and lots of cards that had been called OP before release, proved nothing after it (YEAH RUBY RIFTER, IM LOOKING AT YOU)., or ended up being nerfed somehow … so


Sphynx or Rook for maximum meme value. To be real though, i’d say Kron. You can basically just slam him into any deck with moderate success. Jammers are important if you are fond of aggressive playstyles.


kron. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve won or lost a game because i or my opponent couldn’t deal with it for a turn. it’s also really funny in a silly replace deck with widows and aethermasters. there’s also no risk because i would be amazed if he doesn’t get nerfed next month


Since i didn’t have rite of the undervault,i had my abyssian decks focus on having lots of dying wish enemies,so i could keep playing agressively without having an empty hand,so unseven worked great,since he wasn’t all that powerful so people didn’t make it a priority to dispel him,that way i could get either a klaxon,reaper,necroseer or void hunter out for free,but that was in silver,wich is why i mention for earlier,but yes,i can see why people would prefer ruby rifter since that’s instant value+ a strong minion.
I guess unseven is more a thing only if you have a deck full of dying wish minions,and in earlier ranks only,so yeah. but since i got rite of the undervault i just instead put consuming rebirth in place of unseven i just summon a vorpal reaver and use it so i can spawn 6 wraithlings + a 7/7 vorpal.
(Once again,i’m a newbie,so don’t mind if i’m just spewing shit)


kron, because he is always good, there is literally no situation where kron sucks


Zen’Rui, because everyone uses Kron, and you gotta be diferent even if you aren’t going for memes (Although I’d certainly build a minion-stealing Vet meme deck if I had more money). Or Ruby Rifter, because it looks cool. Depends on what you are playing.

But seriously, I feel that getting 2 Epics would serve you better.

edit: ops, accudental necro. Please don’t kill me


You’re kind of missing the point though. It’s not that he’s super overpowered. It’s that he’s strong enough to literally be placed in every single non-face deck without repercussions. No deck loses out by switching some cards for Kron. No single card should be have that kind of effect.


Like in another on of my thread ? :grin: