[9.12.2016] Unorthodox Tempo Faie!


This is the deck I am experimenting with and it’s been very strong in diamond (70% percent winrate but I only played like 8-9 games).

Here are my reasoning for running some of the unpopular/underplayed cards:

Vespyric Call - It’s technically a 0 mana spell which adds a Vesypr with a +1/+1 buff to your hand. Only reason the card isn’t broken because some Vespyrs aren’t great but most of them are so it’s worth the risk.

Bonechill Barrier - Combos well with Glacial, Planar Scout on T1, Mirkblood. It the limits enemy’s movement and forces them to spend resources to remove it. All around a great card.

Avalanche - No one ever plays around it. You don’t get to use it very often but when you do you win the game on spot. Such a crazy effect.

Planar Scout - Very strong card due to it’s ability to deny the middle mana tile when going first. It’s even better when you get to play something else on the same turn but denying the tile is usually good enough.

Prophet - Self explanitory. It protects your minions and face from spell damage which is fairly common in this meta. Definitely worth the investment of 1 mana.

Fenrir - 3 mana 6/4. A nobrainer.

Mirkblood - Another great all around card. It just need to live to provide lots of value in form of stats. Stats create tempo and playing the tempo game results in a sure victory. It’s also good when you get to combo it with other minions from hand.

Nightwatcher - I used to run Sunsteels instead but I switched them for Nightwatchers upon realizing they’re better in every way. Like Sunsteels, they are very annoying to remove but they also have a big upside in form of making cards like Spectral Revenant and Makantor useless.

White Widow - The card is surprisingly good on it’s own without any additional synergy. I urge you to try it for yourself in any tempo deck really.

Hollow - Very important to have it in order to counter Ironcliffes which are very common nowadays. I’m considering replacing Tracer for a second one but I’m not entirely sure as I value the mobility Tracer gives me a lot.

Pandora/Nemesis - They serve the same role of being late game minions that close out the game, pretty straight forward I also considered Exun but I’m not sure which one of the two to replace for it.

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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This is pretty unorthodox; how useful do you find the uncommonly used cards? Any examples besides Avalanche?


All the cards in the deck are there because they’re useful and better than the alternatives, fact that they’re not very played just means how people are yet to realize their full potential.


Damn, I was shivering because unusual deck and thought I got all the cards … and then I saw Mirkblood.

Any wise advice to replace these 3xMirkblood ? Because it’s the only thing I miss to test it :frowning:
Shiro puppy ?
Or I can go with 3xNemesis + 1 Prophet :laughing:
Or add 3xAethermaster to combo with widow ?
Or simply 3x classic Primus Shield ?

Waiting for your enlightment :stuck_out_tongue:


Locke is fine instead of Mirkblood. It serves a fairly similar role. Alternatively you put in Wisps to ramp up faster towards your Nemesis/Pandora :slight_smile:


Love seeing Hollow being played. Is one of my favourite and most played cards, was pretty good against Kron (pre-nerf). But what is the use of Glacial Elemental in the deck? I know it does 2 dmg per vespyr summoned but you don’t have any other Vespyrs other than what you’ll get through Vespyric call. So is it a case of no other 3 drops being suitable or trying to make it a dispel target so that your other drops are more safe from dispel effects?


So, 3xWisp it is, because I don’t have any Locke (another expensive Legendary) :confused:


Bonechill Barrier spawns Vespyrs :slight_smile:


I actually built a 90% identical deck last session,
2 things I realized during the run

  1. I rather have 2 aval. Just for securing one when it needed.
  2. Using snow chasers instead of plan. Would be an easy way to draw dispels and generate value from the big ice dude.
  3. Vanar matches does not last that long, either you get rammed all over the board or you’re the one who snowballs to hell, I would get rid of one of the late minions, say pandora, and put something else instead.

All and all seems solid.


It doesn’t, a painful memory haha


Bone chill barrier spells summons Vesper walls so that’s 3 Vesper minions there. I prefer mirkbmoid over Locke as it’s beefed and can be used on multiple turn it demands hard focus of attack or dispel.

I just do that like all of those one of’s in this deck or the lack of consistent draw


Ohh I thought in synergy with voice.
Sry :joy:


Ah, I thought those were just walls and not vespyrs.


Who are you and what did you do to raqyee.


Oh it’s me alright. What’s the problem? :open_mouth:


It’s cool that you use bonechill, everyone just replaces it with gravity well nowadays.
I always thought bonechill was cooler because it’s an actual wall, gravity well just summons weird vortex things.


Nice idea there :slight_smile: it’s always fun and relaxing playing Faie w these unorthodox decks


It’s cooler not only because it’s an actual wall, but because it stuns minions too!


Did you play this in wood division? Also why do you call it tempo when you run only tech cards and no cards which give you tempo?

Edit: Do you think 3x grandmaster Embala would work well here?


Embla is just an amazing card for every Vanar deck. The sheer value she provides is unprecedented. I’ll definitely be running them when the expansion relases. :santa: