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8 gates deck help


That’s why I run 3 geomancers and usually aim for longer games.


Im realy close to S right now…wonder if i should make a post about this as decklist insted of question where explain some stuff about playing this deck(hint although strong it requires alot more brainpower than most of the other decks)


I was 1 win away from S…than faced a horrible player who still won because i got ridiculously bad luck(no t1 play,no geomancer,no gate,meanwhile he plays wanderer brome and gets skorn,ironcliffe,bond and immo

Than faced moggie who survived on 1hp
Than i got tilted and lost to a slight mistake(because the deck is so skill intense that a tiny mistake will lose you the game)

If i make a post about it…do you think i can call it ,S rank gate, despite not having reached S with it?Because technicly i would be there by now with this deck had i not gotten such bad luck(around 70% winrate)


Strictly speaking, if you didn’t hit S with it you can’t call it an S deck. Although technically speaking, the deck and archetype as a whole have been proven to be S rank worthy many times so I guess you could get away with calling it so.

Also, congrats on managing to pilot 8g8s properly. It is extremely powerful against anything not named Zir’an but requires lots of skill to use properly.


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