8 gates deck help


What would you suggest to change for max efficiency?
One problem i noticed is that my hand stays too full but not sure what to put in to fix that

The deck is quite controley and the damage window predictable:poke your opponent down to 15 health till 8 mana,than burn his face with gate and 3 fires (its actually realy easy to get that hand given that almost everything within the deck contributes towards getting that hand)


bloodrage mask is inferior in every way to cresent spear, you should be playing cryptographer and possibly celebrant as your early game, obs would be better as a painter and I’m not a big fan of wildfire tenkestu or cobra strike.


You could drop the healing for more spells and Cresent Spear If you need ideas you can draw inspiration from Spellhai and Artihai decks, which share a similarity. But i play Vetruvian, so i don’t knwo much about Songhai shenanigans.


Messed up in the deck replication…its 3 cryto insted of cobra
Don,t have spear and hestitant about crafting since a expansion is likely to come soon


spear holds the deck together, it is honestly the only reason to play it. Also, given how long the break between expansions is, you shouldn’t have any issues getting gold/spirit


I’d swap the Mystics for either Abjudicators or 4Winds, likely Abjus since we’s not talking Shidai (who is the best Bloodmasker).


Is this a minion deck? If not, mantra is the best deck running gates atm.

https://imgur.com/u3v1SRz my current draft atm.

forgoes ghost lighning in favor of a panddo/ gotat/ twin strike cycle core. Admittedly, I consider mantra – both the burn and recent kensho iterations-- to outclass this archetype completely, but it’s fun nonetheless. Better than my older drafts in that it can grind out faster mus while not sacrificing its combo potential come 6-8 mana. the chip and cycle gives you a better chance of keeping even with chunkier midrange like wanderer as well.


Whats the point of Suzu…isn,t it a straight up worse avatar?


Not for the purpose of this deck, as it is a far safer t1 and trades more easily. We aren’t trying to invest in spell procs, so the 1/4 body is superior


I thought it was still a 1/3…didn,t notice they buffed it during the last patch


I would probably pack:

-3 BRM
-3 Cobra
-1 fox
-1 tenketsu

+3 spear
+2 barrage
+3 Rokadoptera

I like Barrage more since it’s more face dmg when needed. Also it produces a cheap spell for a potent combo. Rokadoptera allows you close some games really fast.

I would also try to insert 2 Tracers somewhere since they suit my playstyle. But they’re not a must. Also maybe +1 Geo.




So I have 4 different burn lists for you since I’m a hardcore Songhai enthusiast. Here’s a new list I just whipped up:

I’ve yet to test it out, but the two lists I would normally use might be outdated, here they are (the second one is courtesy of @alplod) :

And the fourth one is by Melziljie who is currently in the playoffs in MDL:

I haven’t played minion burn in a while so I can’t tell you which of these decks are the best nor do I think that only one of them is playable. You will have to play and tweak them for your self. I can tell you though that minion burn is inferior to mantra unless you are going up against a deck slotting magesworn but otherwise its just not an amazing deck.


I really like Tenketsu’s sprite. I’d play a deck just to cast him. watching this thread


For now im going with this this (based on @owlbeastmd s and @alplod s suggestions)

Across 10 testgames this version scored a 40-50% winrate.Thats quite a feat for this deck considering that i started playing this deck today and that i was constantly going up against high tier players with very strong decks.

Rokadoptera greatly increases my killing capabilitys,especialy since i can get tons of 8gates with tenketsu.Battle panddo might be nice…but with 8 gates and crescent spear ghost lightning becomes the ultimate board clear .What im thinking about:add a 3rd tenketsu since 8 gates increases both killing- and boardclear capabilitys alot, afterwards maybe remove celebrant-ramping out geo early conflicts with tenketsu
Suzu is a realy good t1 play…quite hard to take down and with MDS it can often give me early boardcontrol and therefore the manatiles.

Why i threw certain stuff out
-battle panddo:already mentioned
-lantern fox:already enough hand sustain…he often causes overdraw and the space is limited.I saw the rest as more important
-4 winds:too slow,too vulnerable


soon the gospel of suzumebachi shall spread for all to hear…

I like the -1 twin strike for +1 mds. Adds value to geomancer as well. Nice work


*removed 1 celebrant for a third tenketsu
This is the result(almost dia2)

I lost a ton at the start…but after getting used to the list it becomes realy good.Thanks to 3tenketsu you can basicly always empower your AOE without losing your burst combo…as a result you got a deck that can control the board realy well while having a realy strong finisher.Might not get the burstcombo as fast as other variations but…if you control the board you naturally have alot more time to search for your stuff


Yeah, I think minion burn is underrated.

Good job!


Trying out replacing the twinstrikes with 2 mentors…mentor is nice and twin strike seems like the most situational and therefore easyest replaceable card of the deck


consider fox or tech if you’re going mentor. The latter seems nice on paper, but is rather underwhelming if geomancer is not on the field. Agree that strike is replaceable, especially since you’re running ghost lightning