77% Winrate Control Faie (Managed to reach S-Rank in 2 days)


Heeeello folks

Since the last update I had some trouble trying to make a new deck with the recent changes of cryogenesis (Y U DO DIS 2 ME?). After some tries I made this deck and I’m having a really good time with it, Hailstone do an awesome job against lyonars and everything else, feel free to give it a try! :slight_smile:


If you don’t like something in it or just want to talk about it, feel free to chat!

Edit: I got to S-rank with 33 wins and 10 loses, and now I think I’ll craft another coldbitter because of the wonderful White Asp + Coldbitter combo


That sounds absolutely brutal; how often do you get the chance to do it?


I usually manage to use the combo the turn after I use my White Asp, I use it and use the wall in a way that the enemy can’t hit me and destroy asp, then I use heartsister (If I have) + coldbitter in the other turn to get some awesome walls!

I have only one coldbitter, I only saw myself making this combo in 2-3 games, that’s why I wanna make MOOOORE


Funny. The other day I used up all my gold and bought the bundles (looking for cards to DE at full value). I had 1 coldbiter, got 2 more from orbs and then 3 more from the gold bundle. Was not pleased, since I’ve never seen a single deck that used them. And then this shows up. I have no asps, though.

Interesting looking deck to be sure. How do you play it? Looks difficult.


Actually, I find it pretty simple, I clear enemy board while I estabilish presence in the board, the enemy will slowly die while clearing my minions.

I always keep 1 or 2 removals in the hand, since the deck itself has 10 cards to deal with heavy threats like 3/10 Guardians, Abyssal juggernauts, those aren’t a problem.

With this deck you have mostly to keep in track Your and your oponent’s hand. Use blaze Hounds and SpellLamers to make the enemy’s hand full and just spend 2 mana with Hailstone Prison to remove a 4-7 cost minion from the battlefield.

SpellLamers are a weapon, don’t be afraid of using them, they clean pretty well and make a huge pressure on your oponent.

Blazing spines are your best friend when you are player 2, try to use them on turn 1, or use them to counter battle pets, trap the enemy or use with Icy for awesome result.

Edit: Mah englix sux, sorry


Thanks for the advice. Not sure I can afford to make this deck but it looks cool.

I see Foxes and Hailstones, though the latter don’t really deal with the threat, they just defer it. I guess Chrome fixes juggernauts and the like though it leaves an Ironcliffe as a danger given DB.

I like the Bonereapers in here, always been one of my faves and I used it even when Zenrui was popular.


Remember that you still have the heartsister to throw them away from you!


Thanks for the deck idea! I made an exact copy for me but have so far been losing every single match with it (in Diamond currently). After 10 attempts I might have to reconsider using it :smiley: I might have to add you to watch some of your replays.


Yeah I looove Coldbiter, it’s REALLY good imo, especially when combined with the other Vanar artifacts, but even without. I feel it’s being overlooked by many for no particular reason and for me is a very hard card to not include in some Vanar decks (in other words: practically auto-include).


It’s probably got something to do with the fact that having coldbiter equipped incentivizes not attacking the enemy general with your general, which is usually opposite of faie’s gameplan


I’m thinking about joining the blue menace and was wondering whether you could elaborate a bit more on some aspects of the deck. To my untrained eye, the following cards need some explaining:

Icy – only for the stun, right? It’s obviously a poop-level play on turn 1 and from your comments I get that it’s mostly their to lock the opposing general in place in order to get value out of Blazing Spines?
Loremaster/Blaze Hound – why the 2/2 split? The list looks like three Loremasters would be amazing in every single game. So might be three Blaze Hounds. Isn’t one of those cards (even if only so slightly) better than the other (assuming that they both fill the same role of putting a minion on the board while replacing themselves?) and as such should be played three times? What about Sojourner? Too defensive stats?
Bonereaper – Why those? Just to to clear the board against swarm decks? It looks as if your deck doesn’t really offer many targets besides the Bonereapers for the enemy to play their removal on. So I’d assume that the Reapers barely ever survive - or do they?
Repulsor Beast – Why none of those? Their teleport effect should allow for tempo/value plays the likes of the Hearth-sister while also giving you another tool to combat Ironcliffs/Juggernauts/et al. Or are they too expensive for their poor stat line? Or overall just too weak?

Gravity Well/Blazing Spines – Could you go into a bit more detail as to how you use them? Mainly for positioning plays that allow you to dictate the pace of the game (and the occasional good attack in conjunction with Icy)?
Aspect of the Mountains – How is that card for you? Don’t think I have ever seen it played, so I have absolutely zero experience with it. Is it good? It reads beautifully. Is it only a 2-of because of its rather high cost?
Coldbiter/Whiteasp – Why the 1/2 split? Just spirit shortage or specific reasons? I get it that Coldbiter is rather situational and requires some setup, but why not replace the Bonereapers with more Coldbiters? Stacking them seems almost as filthy as stacking Regalias - though at a much lower price.
Boundless Courage – Two mana spell, give a friendly minion +2 attack, it takes no damage this turn. Is that a card worth playing? It’s cheap, it adds damage and it allows you to go face/trade upwards while still retaining a minion.

And in general: how do the different match-ups look like?

Thanks for posting the deck! (:


Icy - > Even if I don’t have any drop when I’m player 1 I don’t play him, It’s a really bad drop without his Opening gambit, Has a great sinergy with White Asp (Killing minions around their general), Blazing spines and, in <10% of times he is used to stop some heavy threats.

Blaze hound is there mostly because of his body and his GREEEEAT sinergy with Hailstone Prison, blaze hound is mostly better than the alcuin, but alcuin helps me to counter many other decks, like Lyonar (Cloning some holy immolation and immolating alcuin for 7 mana), Stealing some Earth Spheres, Copying some faie’s bloodborn to help on lethals, has a great sinergy with gravity wells on player 2’s turn 1, it already made me a great number of wins.

Why the 2/2 split? I don’t know for really, but I tried using 3 blaze hound or 3 alcuins, I had some bad time replacing them :C
What blaze hound can’t do Alcuin can, I can’t answer that question pretty well, sorry, I need to do more tests

Bonereaper - Amaaaazing body over there and has provoke, Really awesome in the late game, better than coldbitter because basically when we have 6-9 mana, coldbitter in the late game would make me spend 2 much cards for just one turn, because I need to use coldbitter and throw something to stop him, Bonereaper does the job already.

Did you ever try Bonereaper? I didn’t like him at the beginning, but after testing him I found out that he is amazing!

Why do I need repulsors? I already have more than 8 removals in my deck, Hearthsisters already do his job and for much less mana and better status aaaaand they have sinergy with Blazing spines, there isn’t space for him in this list. If his body was better, maybe I would do 3/1 HS and RB
. _ . _ . _ .
| _ | S | y |
| _ | g | S |
| _ | _ | _ |

If you’re playing Icy with Blazing spines, always do something like this, because it counters almost everything he can do against it. y = Icy, S = Blazing spine, g = Their general

Gravity wells is the best drop imo in turn 1, combo with snow chasers or alcuins. REMEMBER THEY CAN BE EASY TARGET FOR MAKANTOR, PLAY AROUND HIM!111!!!eleven!1

Aspect of the mountains I can’t explain how I use him here, my english doesn’t allow me to, I sent you an invite, I’ll tell you by message and replays.

It has great sinergy with Gravity well, blazing spines and with icy (8mana clear board, freeze general and throw a 5/5 on field) and is great for lethals. You should try it out!

The problem with coldbitter is that he consumes my hand when I use it! But I only used one for spirit reasons, I’m keeping mine for the upcoming expansion

Boundless courage - I tried it and it has the same problem as coldbitter, makes me dump my hand away, If I ever need to do frace/trade, I would choose for Wailing Ogredrive, since it won’t dump my hand and is a Dispel/Kill or die

Against Magmar - MAKANTOR MAKANTOR MAKANTOR, you have to play around him, don’t get close to Vaath, unless you have some Ccolds and many cards in hand to deal with her bbs. Gravity well helps a lot against natural selection, but stay careful against Plasma storm

Against Lilithe - Don’t ever replace frost burn or coldbitter or bonereaper, they are your best friends there.

Against Cassyva - Hailstone prison is your best friend there, our main problem is Spectral Revenants, Idk how to play around them.

Against Kaleos - Keep something to get rid of Hamon Bladeseeker and Zendo

Against Reva - Clear board or die, Icy is your best friend

Against Argeon - Frostburn is your best friend, you can hailstone 3/10 guardians, play around holy immolation, don’t get 2 close to his general, we can’t handle his damage + his pressure, use Spelljammer behind you, always

Against Zir’An - I think I won every game against her, I don’t know any tips to help you with

Against Zirix - Wait, don’t go to his face, play around Star fury, he will be very bad in the late game, since you can handle all his aymaras, nimbus and everything else easily

Against Sajj - Not much, same as Zir’an

Against Faie - Have fun, don’t lose

Against Kara - Coldbitter and Frostburn are your best friends over there, She will run out of fuel soon, keep pressure over her.

Have fun friendo :slight_smile:


Thanks for the great reply! I’m currently piss-poor so no 12k spirit decks for me, but as soon as I get my hands on some shiny cards, I will try out your build (: