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75% Win rate Ladder Deck: Catalyst Ragnora


Hello everyone! I just reached S rank this season, and I wanted to share with you all the deck that I used for the majority of my climb; Catalyst Ragnora. This deck is a version of the Bloodrage/Twin Fang list that I normally use to hit S rank season, with the name changed to be a bit less of a mouthful.


About the Deck

This deck is centered around a combination of 3 main combos:

  • Catalyst Quillbeast + Bloodrage
  • Krater + Twin Fang
  • Ripper Egg/Propagate Rage + Wild Inceptor/Egg Morph + Greater Fortitude

These combos have a surprising amount of overlap; Bloodrage can work well on Ripper Eggs due to Celerity, and having a Twin Fang up can make it easier for your general to aggressively place Ripper Eggs. Rippers also have the potential to get off 2 procs for twin fang, and 4 procs for Blood Rage. Krater and Catalyst Quillbeast can also be interchangeable in most cases, with Krater having the advantage of dealing damage to both generals whereas Quillbeast can A.) have multiple procs and B.) allow Bloodrage to be used on 1 health minions.

Since this is a combo deck, I am running x3 Spelljammer to help the deck thin out and to obtain combo pieces faster. Kujata and Cryptographer are both good combo supporters, and Flash allows us to get our combos going faster and stronger. Kron also is a huge help in the deck; not only does provoke help pin down enemies for twin fang, but the tokens can be immensely helpful when used in conjunction with Twin Fang or Blood Rage (particularly when you are able to get Bloodrage on a Range, Flying, or Rush token).

Strength in the Meta

In total, I played 58 games with this deck on my climb; 18 in Gold, and 40 in Diamond. In Gold, I won 13 games and lost 5. In Diamond, I won 30 games, lost 9 games, and had 1 draw.

The deck has some of its strongest matchups against Swarm lists, Xor’Xull decks and Fault decks, as the deck runs multiple forms of AoE through Krater, Quillbeast, and Makantor. Furthermore, the multiple bodies strengthen our Bloodrage, allowing us to use the opponent’s minions against them (especially if they have Sarlacs and Gors on the field). Against Mythron decks, the matchup gets a bit tougher, but as long as you can maintain board and utilize your combo burst potential you can definitely have a chance against them. The deck also fairs well against Aggro decks, as long as you manage your health responsibly and weigh your burst potential against your opponents.

The deck’s weakest matchup is artifacts. Outside of Makantor, Krater, and Ripper hatching, the deck doesn’t have a lot of ways to deal with artifacts if you’re not close to the enemy general.



Final Thoughts

  • I would say that this deck has a pretty high skill level. You need to be able to manage your combo pieces while keeping in mind what your opponent can do to interfere with your setups. Understanding positioning is key with this deck. In many cases, you want your units to be in attacking range of the opposing general, yet out of range of being destroyed. Positioning also comes important when you’re managing your combo pieces; if you’re putting your general at a distance from the enemy general, then you don’t want to hold onto Twin Fang. Instead, you will want to set up a Ripper Combo, whether that be with Greater Fortitude or with Bloodrage.

  • Be mindful of health thresholds. You may be able to deal a huge burst of your damage, but if you don’t have the tools in your hand to finish the job afterwards you may find it difficult to finish the job. In most cases, if I have the opportunity to do a huge Bloodrage or Twin fang combo I willl end up commiting, but I also keep in mind of whether or not I should clear enemy minions or just go in face.

  • Know what you combos you can pull off at different mana costs. I’ll list some common ones that I end up using, especially with Flash.

-Flash + Catalyst Quillbeast/Krater + Bloodrage = 5 mana (doable on 4 mana with a mana tile)
-Twin Fang + Flash + Krater = 4 mana
-Twin Fang + Flash + Quillbeast + Flash = 4 mana
-Twin Fang + Flash + Quillbeast + BBS/Fortitude = 5 mana

  • You will very rarely use all 3 combos in one game. Rather than focus on achieving all 3, prioritize certain win conditions over others depending on your opponent. For example, Twin Fang tends to be better against Magmar due to their inability to deal with artifacts well. At the same time, it will be difficult to pull off Ripper+ Fortitude on a Vaath to take advantage of celerity.

Broken replay links

I love it when people have signature decks, congrats on refining it for yet another meta :slight_smile:


I’m glad that your signature decks works.

Unlike mine or @galaxydueler’s.

EDIT. I guess, no one knows what my signature deck is. Neither do I.


Seems like Mathmar is back


Wouldn’t Krater and Catalyst have anti-synergy with the eggs?


Krater/CQB and the Ripper eggs are components of the deck’s two separate wincons, just because you can kill the eggs with the pings doesn’t mean you have to limit your options of consistently securing a victory.
akurane pointed out that the combos overlap so it’s up to the pilot to play around the cons of the deck.


Mostly what @renedav said, plus using Bloodrage on a Ripper with Quillbeast on board will not kill it.


wasnt it backstab?


Nope. I didn’t play backstab for ages.

I mostly play Artihai, BurnHai, and different Abyss Swarm variations. Also Frenzy Cass.

But it’s off topic.


glorious deck, and congrats as always. Curious as to why there is only 2 egg morphs? the bloodrage /twin fang combo a more favored line of play?


Great deck and guide. I added it to the wiki of course.


Wild inceptor is able to hatch an egg while Quillbeast is on the board and can be cost reduced. The combo doesn’t seem to be less favouable than the others.


Personally, i found myself replacing Egg morph a lot as a 3 of. While the card is very flexible as both removal and an egg hatcher, I did not run into a lot of big-minion threats (ex: Ironcliffe, EMP). This is more of a preference choice though; a 3rd egg morph could be fit by substituting 1 maw (another preference choice). If you do this though, i would also recommend running a 3rd Kron over a maw as well for consistency.

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