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6 weird gimmicky useless Vanar decks!


I’m not claiming these decks are any good, but they are sure as hell fun to play. All have a pretty clear game plan that feels awesome once you pull it off. I guess you could say they are pretty ‘memey’ but I’ll leave them here anyways.
I’m by no means an expert and these decks are far from optimized. Feel free to leave any criticism or suggestions below.


So basically this deck is centered around turning Ilena into an immortal minion killing machine.
With the help of artifacts, spells and minions she can instantly kill minions moving on from one to the other without taking any damage herself.
If you manage to equip winterblade, ice shatter gauntlet and resonance scythe in this order and have an immunity spell, you can basically clear the entire board. Usually ice shatter is not necessary because the damage you get from winterblade and resonance scythe is usually enough to kill most minions.
The only problem with the deck is that you don’t have any healing and you will be taking a lot of face damage so you have to be careful. I tried to put in healing somehow but couldn’t get it to work because the deck would just become extremely vulnerable against aggro zi’ran healing deck. With every heal to yourself or to yggdra you’d be feeding the enemy general more damage.
However, with blood taura in your deck you can turn this lack of healing into an advantage! Hopefully if you get to late game it means you have either been able to play matron which makes your general immortal, or that you have been able to chain concealing shroud with fugitive and gain immortality while slaughtering away the opponent’s minions. All you need to do now is force a surrender with two big blood tauras!
For card draw this deck uses sojourner, artifact hunter and frigid corona.

Thanks to everyone in this thread for helping me with the deck, especially @nh3maser.


The main idea here is that vanar’s burst buffs have great synergy with cards such as sinister silhouette, sojourner, sun seer or tethermancer. This deck tries to take advantage of this synergy and building big beefy sticky value-generating minions thrown at your enemy that need to be dealt with.
Chroma, gravity well and tethermancer give you good control over the board while shivers and wisp allow you to manipulate mana. Sunseer can be a great source of healing. Sleet dasher + boundless courage is a great combo to deal devastating damage to the opponent. Add in aspect of the wyrm and you have an unstoppable minion slaughtering machine. It can also be used to turn a buffed up sinister silhouette into an even bigger threat.
Fugitive is a great late game card to have allowing for continuous buffs hopefully resulting in a lethal blow.
Sojourner, once buffed, serves as an extremely efficient minion card removing-drawing machine. Sort of like cryo but as a minion? sort of.

Example game:

Edit: This deck is actually pretty strong, wtf!


    Now this is a pretty bad deck, but also very tricky for the enemy player. Mistakes can be easily punished if they aren’t careful.
    The general plan is to move enemy minions using your mesmerize, hearth-sisters and repulsor beast to spaces that allow you to take full advantage of faie’s bbs and hydrogarm’s blood surge effect.
    You have multiple options to make sure you always have access to your bbs with cryptographer and cloudcaller allowing you to refresh your bbs at your will.
    Once you progress, you can take more and more advantage of your bbs with multiple garms and meltdown minions forcing your opponent into a strategically lost position leading to a surrender! (that’s the idea anyways…)


    This deck is all about mana manipulation and having cost efficient spells at your disposal to either be used as removal (single target or aoe) or control over the board. If you can make it to the late game you are at a great advantage.
    Enfeeble either with blistering skorn or blinding snowstorm gives you great board clear option. You also have frostburn if you need it.
    Spelljammer is there to make sure you never run out of cards. You can watch your opponents cards burn as they draw due to a lack of mana while you enjoy the freedom to play as many cards as you like.
    Your general late game plan is using vanar’s ability of mass summoning minions, to create an extremely powerful grailmaster in one turn which on it’s own is usually enough to win the game however if necessary you can also add in flawless reflection to really show your opponent who the boss is.
    If the opponent is not careful they might give you the chance deal devastating damage to the enemy general and their minions with luminous charge and blistering skorn combo which might result in a OTK.


I know, this deck looks a little memey (as is every deck that uses bastion) and it is but if you can pull off a win it’s extremely satisfying. The main idea is that you’re using bastion and kara’s bbs to buff swarms of walls and minions summoned in one turn. You’re maximizing the value generated from these buffs.
It features many signature swarm minions, such as zyx and ash mephyt.
There are no general late game plans (because the deck is a meme lol) but if you can cast flawless reflection on a wisp you can basically steal all enemy mana in one turn and just force them to watch as you slowly build your army of 1000hp walls with countless bastions to back them up and crystalline reinforcement whenever you need it!
Now I know what you’re thinking: EMP. Yes, I know you will lose but still this deck is really not about the destination but the journey… to your inevitable loss. Enjoy the deck!


    Pretty straight forward. Make a lot of infiltrate minions, play denadoro, wind sister maia or both and win the game.
    Snow chasers (either played directly from your hand or summoned by ice break ambush) and wolfravens are a great source of infinite cards. You also have cryo at your disposal for card draw.
    You have efficient card removal as well as board control spells and flying minions that facilitate both. The synergy with kara’s bbs and the walls is always there to be used so the opponent has to be very careful with their positioning.
    Frostfire serves as a decent buff especially for shivers.
    All in all, pretty fun deck. Good luck in your games!


I feel like some of these decks would really benefit from aspect of mountains

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If I’m right Flawless reflection shouldn’t trigger the opening gambit (steal mana) but keep the dying wish (giving mana) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.



Then that would be an amazing way to lose the game! Ty for reminding me :heart:
Don’t play that deck.



I like the infiltrate deck! I have something similar that includes Protosensor to establish immediate presence on the enemy’s side of the board, and Frosthorn Rhyno to close out the game. Grailmaster for swarm Kara is also a cute idea.

Some interactions you may not be aware of: first, as Humancalc has already said, Malicious Wisps that aren’t summoned from the action bar won’t steal a crystal on entry, but will still donate one of your crystals upon death (just tested and confirmed this in the sandbox). Secondly, Matron Elveiti was patched to work exactly how it says on the card, which makes her extremely bad (it used to be that she prevented counterattacks as well, which made her significantly better if still underpowered overall. Also, I don’t have any copies to test this personally, so I’m just taking the patch note’s word for it that she was actually fixed). You’re better off just running a big provoke in her slot if you want that effect.



Or he can also run Grove Lion instead of Matron for a similar effect.



Ohhhh the mass.

It hurts my eyes

I’ll put here a couple of decks that I work on and are actually a decent memes, one of them you know well (laughing in Yu-Gi-Oh).
Regarding you infiltrate Kara - you rely hard on denadoro to keep you in the game and sister, but these cards will usually eat removal the second they are out (trust me, I know).
And with them out you have - no way to remove big threats, no way to punish your enemy for moving inside your space or a way to create a well executed finisher.

3/10 - not good enough.

However - keep in mind that most of your minions are vespyrs so… Snow man machine gun! Besides avalanche and spirit of the wild that are great cards and will help you suprise for a finisher or a board clear.
I would also like to see rhino if you run denadoro because it leaves your enemy guessing either remove the backline denadoro or deal with the rhino (Magmar’s removal kit is useless at this point).
BTW - blitz is a great card in an infiltrate deck.

As people here pointed aotm will usually go well with chasers, even better when your deck generates so many chasers.
Plus from my own chaser factory deck I can say that a couple of zuriel dragon can turn the game (sometimes).

Regarding the faie buff deck - you want to actually utilize the buff, we all know removal exists and in high elo players run alot of it (beside wanderer rag dummies) so you either mass buff into mind games or use it as a tool for reliq or blitz/dryad/sotw.
I see what you did there but my experience with the snowy monsters shows that long combos are bad combos, meaning - a good finisher will be created out of two cards three at best if you have a good control game with sufficient draw.
Lower the steps, make it better.



Related to Snow’s post, the issues with long combos and some builds falling to every removal out there is why I always test and post winrates on my memes. Many ideas feel great on paper, until you actually test them and find out they’re completely unplayable (like the combos with Elveiti, for example).

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