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5 weeks of Patreon deck techs for the public!


Hey everyone, I know I’ve been busy with the end of the Meltdown League, the start of Team Wars and just life in general but here’s some 5 weeks of deck techs from my Patreon that were supposed to have gone public by now.

I’ve uploaded them to both DuelystCentral as well as Duelspot. If you don’t like the low res deck tech images I’d suggest using the Duelspot links and as always if you want the high res deck tech images/the ability to vote for which deck techs come next/just want to help support me and give me more time for Duelyst related content then come by and donate!

Deck Tech Links:
Eye See Dead People (Stygian Observer):

Dawn’s Eyeggro (Dawn’s Eye Tempo):

NH3Maser - Demonic Value:

Q’Wake (Q’afewfhwehflakjewhfkwje’A Winter’s Wake):

One Lizard Army (Solo Vaath):

Thanks all and hope that you enjoy them!


I got a lot of fun, enjoyment and content out of my patreon support for @rhacker93, can absolutely recommend it :slight_smile:


Seems I’m getting a new job. If everything works smoothly, I will definitely follow your advice :wink:


Awesome :smiley: Good luck with the job!


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