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5 free Mythron Orbs - Sign up for a Steelseries account


“Giving away more than we think?” Could you elaborate? Sounds a little ominous.


eeeh don’t worry about it. I meant personal info. nothing you didn’t give to facebook already lmao. If you’re worried, just download wireshark or smth, it’ll let you see them packets.


Great, so nothing \o/


and it’s something for them. everybody wins :smiley:


Well I just got four epics and three legendaries out of my orbs, so I am pretty happy right now.


What epics and legendaries did you get? Just wondering.


None. :relieved:


So… not so bad I think. (All others wheren’t worth mentioning.)


I’m having some trouble recalling. I know I got mostly copies of things I have three copies of. Swarmking Scarab and Carrion Collector were two. I got an abyssal tormentor and a cloud caller. Cant remember the other epics.


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