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5 free Mythron Orbs - Sign up for a Steelseries account



Just a heads up, the instructions on the website for redeem codes is incorrect. The button to redeem your codes has been moved to the Shop sidebar, and is no longer in the Account tab under Settings.


It is in both places.


Thank you very much. :grin:


Thanks for the heads up.

Just a note for those of us that use ABP (adblock plus), you’ll need to disable it temporarily to see the “Get Key” button.


I wonder if this counts towards the 10 orbs per Mythron. :thinking:

Edit: It does.


I’m confused, looking at this it seems as if you can just make multiple email accounts to receive multiple keys, am I wrong?

EDIT: Just tested it out and failed, you can only redeem the codes coming from that website once per account. I still have a code though so if anybody wants it without having to make an account:



Free extra key I have for anyone who enters it first!


(Looks like you can’t claim more than one key that come from the same promotion).


Advanced word of warning- I already claimed @jerzachz 's code


aaaaye more partnerships


i fixed it by using incognito mode.


I thought about doing this, but why do I want to give any info to someone who’s service I’m never going to use? Five free orbs is really tempting, but…I dunno, I feel like there are already probably too many people in the world who know who I am when I’d rather they didn’t. A somewhat paranoid sentiment, I suppose, but oh well.


Just create a throw away email account, use a fake name (mine was First:thegoatofw Last: astingurlife), fake birthday (I am the oldest person on this planet according to steelseries) and then a password (mine was Urmamaso4at!).

Then free stuff.


Yeah, I know, it’s just that I heard a while back that doing that might possibly be illegal. So just now I went digging, and the collective answer seems to be “maybe, sometimes, depending, but functionally speaking, probably not”. Helpful, right?


I’d be very disappointed if someone got banned after redeeming 5 free orbs :grinning:


I doubt I’ll use my Steelseries account again, but I can always request for my account to be GDPR’ed away.

I’ve done that with so many firms recently as the law came into effect, felt so good.


Oh no, I never even considered the possibility that Counterplay would ban me over something like that. I was just thinking about all the insane things people have been arrested over.

But then, I suppose if I start worrying about all the things you can be arrested for, I’ll probably never do anything ever again for any reason.


what law are you talking about?


There are more chances that Steelseries finally decides that marketingwise, the operation was a failure because they mostly got throng of fake user created, and decided to never do that type of operation with CPG again :slight_smile:


meh, judging by how the website is coded, i can guess that a quick check at the packets will show we’re giving away more than we think (and probably enough for steel series to get something out of in exchange for practically nil)

besides, i’ve always wanted to get newbs start with 20 orbs like they used to and so far they’re getting around 10-15 orb scattered throughout social media.