5/3 gauntlet run


Dont know why but i almost always go for 5/0 and then loose 3 games in a row in gauntlet xD But nvm its not about how i suck in this mode, but about rewards. I mostly get spirit orb, 30-35 gold, 35-40 spirit and common card. And i feel that this is unbalanced rewards for this performance. Going for 3/3 on gauntlet should get you equivalent of 150 gold you spend on ticket, and mostly its true. But going above this should be rewarded right? To be honest i dont feel rewarded for 5/3. Spirit orb is 100 gold + 35 gold + 40 spirit + 10 spirit for common card, its together 135 gold + 50 spirit. Together it barely pass through 150 gold line and i feel much more rewarded going 4/3 comparing to rewards. Maybe it’s just me, maybe i am greedy but what do you think about it? And btw is there any option to recieve expansion orbs in gauntlet? Sry for bad english :smiley: