35% win rate with Lyonar Argeon: advice on my current decklist


anything i should change?? what am i doing wrong.

just for comparision, my vet zirix WR is at 55%

lilith, faie and vaath im give or take aroudn 40%.


Well at first glance your deck is really lacking in early plays as well as having some questionable one offs.

First the Squire, elixir, occulus, sky burial, second sun, deathblighter, and bonereaper are weird choices imo. They dilute your deck consistency and generally aren’t that great without building around them in mind or are just bad in general.

That opens up 7 more slots. Next is what direction you want your deck to be. Lyonar is probably strongest as an aggressive midrange deck as a heavier control deck would naturally be more expensive with questionable effectiveness against things like Reva. Your goal as midrange would be to establish board control and then finish them off before your cheap efficient minions start to lose relevance. In that case suntide maiden, the scientist, third copy of afterblaze, and martyrdom probably won’t work too well. The sojourner could potentially be removed if you don’t have l’kians or spelljammers for draw.

In exchange staple 2 drops like healing mystic, azurite lion, ephemeral shroud, and primus fist could be used. You probably want at least 9 2 drop minions but could go up to 11. A second copy of tempest is useful to clear boards and get face damage while maxed saberspine tigers and 2-3 repulsor beasts can give much needed reach and soft removal.

More ironcliffes, krons, and especially holy immolations would make your deck much stronger too. 3 copies of sunbloom might be overkill as well. Possibly consider blazehound as some budget card draw.

In terms of gameplay be aware of what moves you can make next turn with your given hand and what your opponent could do to further their own plan or disrupt yours before replacing. You want to make efficient trades and make use of all of your mana while maintaining a reasonable handsize (4) unless you predict that you need to start going all in to win.

If possible keep the overall strategy in mind instead just answering threats. It sucks repulse a Nimbus only to get Aymara Healer dropped in your face without an answer.


Firstly remove the Silverguard Squire :cold_sweat:
Secondly why is there only 1 copy of the majority of cards in your deck its makes it inconsistent
The only cards that should be used as 1 of copies in my opinion are Kron, Holy Immolation and the Arclyte Regalia.

Sunwisp x 2 its decent
Azurite Lion x 3
SabreSpine x3
SilverGuard Knight x 3
Dioltas x 2 (Guessing you dont have dust for x3)
Sunsteel x3
Dancing Blade x 3
Kron x1 Same dust situation :smile: (sames)
Ironcliffe x 3
Bonereaper x 3 (its a great card) Otherwise just cut it
Auryn Nexus x 3
Tempest x 3
Afterblaze is x2
Divine Bond x 2
Martydom x 2
Holy Immolation x 1
Arcylte Regalia x1


You really want 3x Holy Immolation when playing Lyonar, pretty much the cost of doing business. =S I try to work around some of your card preference (and supposed card availability) here.

Your main problems are 1) way too little early game and 2) way too many “answers.”

Argeon isn’t generally a good “answers” General. What you want to do is limiting your opponent’s movement and shoving an endless supply of cheap good stuff and Roars down her throat, while saving your few “answers” for only absolutely critical threats. Push your opponent against the wall and beat her down. 3x of your 4s need to be Primus Shieldmaster here because limiting your opponent’s movement is critical for the deck. The Suntide Maidens you can switch out for Dioltas/Funsteel at your preference. Look to play SLO on mana tiles to accelerate to 4s and 5s, of course.


awesome guys… keep the advice comming. if it differs, if it agrees, whatever. im gonna read, re-read, practice and study what you guys wrote.

you’ re right about too many answers. i think now i see its better to be agreessive and make opponent answer to you, rather than you answer your opponent.

and yes, i don’t currently have the dust for the stuff i really want. maybe because i don’t focus on 1 or 2 characters but 5 of the 6. i like switching around because i find just playing one general over and over boring and ill end up uninstalling the game. ill get to songhai eventually once i get some lucky drops.

edit: what do you guys mean when you say “one offs”, “two offs”, etc…


If you like playing all the generals in rotation, I would suggest saving your dust to craft 3x of some staple neutral cards like Kron, Dioltas, Sunsteel, Dancing blades. This way you can build some stronger budget decks and have more consistent decks.

Then pick the faction you like the most and start crafting legendaries for that faction, and you can slowly build up your collection like that.

You can still rotate playing different factions with some good decks and build you one power house deck at a time.


one-off : To only have a single copy of a particular card in your deck. This lowers the chance of drawing it drastically, only reserved for specific tech cards and shouldn’t be anything else.(i.e. Spiral Technique, Circle of Dessication, Grandmaster Z’ir)

two-off : Two copies of a card, this is for those cards that you don’t mind seeing and would like to draw fairly often in games but don’t want to risk them clogging your hand. (i.e. Nimbus, Heaven’s Eclipse, Sun Bloom, Tempest)

Hopefully, that covers it. :slight_smile:


thanks for explaining 1 offs and 2 offs, etc… =)

i just did 1 match using my new deck and it feels a lot different, but better . i was never really able to put so much pressure on someone liek this before. played against kara. of course it was just 1 match… but ill see how it goes … i feel optimistic this deck would work better for me than the previous one

thansk for all the advice guys. wish me luck =)


Its the power of the IronCliffe


you’re right… hehe…

and i just won again, against cassyva. this time it was ironcliffe and my sunsteel defenders FTW, heheh


I wanna duel :muscle: