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3 Mana Decks for fun!


Hahahaha, mb mb. Will do that next time :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


What’s that Lyo artifact called, the one from the core set no one uses that costs 3 mana. Something chakram? I dunno but it gives things more attack and costs 3 I think.


Skywind glaives


That would be a great new card:

Something Chakram
Lyonar 3 mana artifact
“Give some things more attack”


Well played.


If Lodestar can get away with it surely Something Chakram can too right?


I’d like to see smol deck builds from other factions. If you guys have ideas for them, would be nice to see what you got. owo


Pretty any hyper swarm Lilithe can easily be made 3- mana. Won’t be budget though.


But isn’t the the 5-mana artifact one of the key cards in an Abyss hyperswarm?


Not necessarily. One may use soulshatter, DFC and grimwar.


Chakram is absolutely great, but it’s possible to aim for an even faster build with Soulshatter Pact as a key card. A bit more inconsistent, but can practically kill people as early as 4 mana. Not sure if that’s very cute though :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this one more. Aggro should be aggressive.


Facemelter reva. There is no removal, only face.

Edit. Combos from empty board that cost 6 or less (blades are assumed to go face):
boar + KE = 6
boar + IF + KE = 8
boar + blades = 8
boar + blades + fist = 10
boar + mds + if + blades = 12

assuming mask equipped:
kaido + IF + IF = 8
Kaido + mds + IF = 6
Bbs + if + KE = 8
kaido + IF + blades = 11
Bbs + IF + blades + IF = 14
3x pf = 12


I think Chakram is better though in the long run, as it doubles as a board clear and sustain. Although it’s definitely a matter of playstyles as well.


Ohohohoho love Tusk Boar. Gives the kind of “Aaaaaaa I attacc u” and then “ok I’m done, I go back now.” feel. v cute uwu


I’ll just put my hyperswarm here. I play a slightly different variant of it (-3 Mentor + 3 Bloodtide Priestess), but other than that it is rather effective, I believe, even if a bit inconsistent.

Sadly, non budget.


Oooooh I see! So all the BBS refresh gives u the wraithlings you need. Cool! How well does It work for you?


Before expansion it went quite well against anything non Magmar. Didn’t play it much this exp, so dunno.

Wraithlings are one side of the medal. More interesting that you can kill the opponent at 5 mana with halfdecent swarm around with the help of Grimwar/DFC+Soulshatter. And you will probably get some finishers by 5 mana cause of deck thinning via dreamgazer/inkling surge.


Since I played somewhat aggro spikey decks a lot, I never really took advantage of the deathwatch stuff. I think I disenchanted that one spell hahahahaha–

Speaking of I should try to come up with smol angery spikey deck :smiley:


but decimus is a 4 drop and thats the spikeyest combo there is :thonk: