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3 Mana Decks for fun!


Hii frieeends~ Bel here owo

So the other day I was doing some silly deckbuilding to explore factions outside of my main AND some of the new cards. I originally planned to try and make a ‘meme-y’ deck, but I realized I don’t visit the forums or read enough about cards to know what’s considered meme-worthy or not. SO INSTEAD, I had this little idea to make this sooper budget deck with no minions or spells over three mana. Ofc these wouldn’t last competitively, but it was fun winning against Salty twice with a deck similar to what’s below.

I call this my smol angery deck. I tried to balance offense and defense with what I had and since everything is low cost, there is a tendency to play a bunch of cards at once, so notice there’s a lot of draw and replace chances over here. uwu

Anyway! I think decks like these are really cute! They don’t pack a huge punch, but they’re fun to play with friends. Help me improve my smol deck and comment down your own smol decks below if you’d like!


You don’t have to rub it in, y’knoooooow :disappointed_relieved:

Also, isn’t this just Zoo? I think Zoo used to be more of a Vet or Starhorn thing. Zoohorn was good because of sticky boys like Rex among other things.

-I swear to God, that Beam Shock in the last game made me sooooo damn salty I can’t even begin to explain-


Triggered by unlimited cards.


aggro lyonar is a beautiful thing that i’m still struggling with.
i prefer shoopdawoop over true strike. partially because it can kill bigger minions, but mostly because it’s hilarious.

this might also come in handy. tempest-proofing minions, free face damaging. etc, etc.


I also find Bolster a pretty solid option for Zoo/Swarm decks. It gets truly explosive if it’s intensified two or three times, and helps against Frostburn and Rebuke.


When I read the title about a 3 mana Lyonar deck I thought you would be using this thing:


you missed one important thing


what about fealty
its 3 mana card draw and low curve decks really need card draw


If you’re planning to do a low-mana deck then you should really consider running araki headhunter and various opening gambit minions. Here’s a link to one I made with Reva not too long ago for reference


And teh cutest deck name award goes to…


Did anyone notice that cpg got a little more “creative” with their in-game buff labels?

Bellow’s effect is Yelled Really Loud and Angered Okkadok’s effect is “Even More Angered”


They were pretty creative before too, my favorite is probably “Vitamin D” from Sun Elemental


Oh what, Sun elememetal gives Vitamin D?


Fun fact about buffs: Wraithlings still remember Furiosa’s true name, when she buffs Wraithlings the buff is still called “Furosa’s Fury” instead of Furiosa’s fury.


I guess that’s what it’s called, but still fun haha.


I saw that, but I don’t actually have that card. I guess I should get it to improve smol angery deck c:


Also, went with Lyonar for the BBS. I thought that since smol minions don’t have much of a front, BBS + Nexus to pack more of a punch.


I don’t think I ever tried running Araki before :0 Will, take a look, thanks!


Noted! Will take these into consideration for Smol angery deck v2


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