3 losses in total to s rank with argeon


this is a lyonar deck i used with my alt account (wesson) to get s rank this month. i only had 3 losses during my run and 1 of them was due to a disconnect.

criticisms/comments are very welcome :slight_smile:


Congrats. You play anything else or just this deck for the climbing? What is are the more difficult matchups for this deck?


Same question like @BlankTrack. What is the worst matchup for this deck?


at this point nobody can deny the power of dioltas. also congrats man.


That’s an… interesting takeaway from this list.


i mean it’s so popular, the amount of diolats put in decks that people show here are staggering.


nope just this one.

that was the weirdest part about climbing with argeon. I didn’t feel like i had a weak matchup at all, which is a first for me with any deck. i’m not really familiar with midrange argeon either so i don’t really know what it is usually weak against. my best guess would be that this deck is weak to whatever beats midrange argeon.

i mostly ran into a lot of vaath, reva, and cass with occasional faie/ziran/zirix encounters but i never really had a matchup where i went ‘ah crap’ like i usually do.


yeah that was what i noticed too this month. it was pretty interesting


4 of your cards are currently arguably too strong:

  • Dioltas: strong body
  • Divine Bond: low cost
  • Sun Bloom: strongest dispel card of all time
  • Holy immolation: not much left to say… :frowning:


Some perspective for thought:

Dioltas – Basically every two-drop in the game can kill him, he’s laughably weak to dispel and his totem needs another card to do anything that is even remotely close to being overpowered
Divine Bond – Pretty much useless in the early- to mid-game and only useful if you start the turn with a high hp minion intact and on the battlefield. Something which doesn’t come up too often because everybody knows that to beat Lyonar you have to kill their one minion per turn.
Sun Bloom – Good all-around dispel, but it’s almost always card disadvantage. It almost never gets you back into a game in which you are on the defensive. All it does is keep you from dying.
Holy Immolation – Together with the Regalia probably Lyonar’s strongest card. But even then it requires quite a bit of setup and and mostly just yields a 2-for-1.

Not too say that Lyonar is weak or that any of the cards you mentioned are weak, but I feel like people are a bit rash when it comes to calling something overpowered.


After quick and dirty check :
Lyonar : 2/7
Songhai : 0/4
Vet : 0/5
Abyss : 2/5
Magmar : 1/4
Vanar : 2/6
Neutral : 4/25
Total : 16/56 ≃ 28%

28% ≠ “Basically every two-drop”


If you’re gonna go so far as percentages I feel like it’s only fair to include side cases like backstab and the chance of getting ghost lightning from xho

ok maybe not xho but still, plus there’s a reasonable amount of cards that aren’t minions that do it for little investment


Even including Xho, backstab and stuff, you will never reach “Basically every two-drop” which is the original statement :laughing:


Uhm… right. See, what I was trying to say is that Dioltas has so little health that he dies as soon as someone looks at him funny. He’s about as tough as a wet noodle. My Grandma could take him on. With both hands behind her back.

That doesn’t mean that he actually dies just when you look at him. Nor that he’s a noodle. And I don’t even have a grandmother anymore.

But what does it mean?


I still find it a reasonable 4drop and if my opponent :

  • wants to waste a dispell on it, fine by me, that’s one less dispell, and I still have a 5/3 annoying body
  • trade with a couple of small minions, or minion+spell, it’s ok, it’s 2 for 1 and I’ll still have a provoke Tomb after
  • trade with an average minion it’s 1 for 1 and I’ll still have a provoke Tomb after
  • trade with a small minion+General, it’s 5 damage, that 1/5th of the journey accomplished to opponent death

Diolta is a more that decent card to me. It’s rarely left unanswered, opponent waste minion, dispell or HP on it. And that’s always better to have a Dark Transformation, Pando, EntropDecay or Falcius+General on Diolta than on one of my late key cards.

Side-note : I don’t even play Lyonar, but I definitely play Dioltas :stuck_out_tongue:


funny thing is, i found myself playing the primus shieldmaster over dioltas in general. i think the shieldmaster has won me waaay more games than dioltas ever did.


Dioltas is an annoying card, mainly due to the 0/10 tombstone with provoke it leaves behind. Since it limits where you can freely move and with it having 10 health it takes a while to remove through minion/general attacks which gives time to the person who plays it. While it also always spawns nearby the general which also makes finishing the game off harder with minions, as your likely to have to fight through its 10 health. Its just more dangerous in Lyonar because of divine bond which can make it a 10/10 with provoke. But I have seen Dioltas used in Abyssian to delay people in order to lay down more shadow creep or summon the swarm to beat people over.

As for the deck, I’m interested in how well Stormblade did within the deck. I’ve thought about crafting her a couple of times but I’ve not seen her in action to know how good she is.


Wesson, ehh? I generally go “ah fork, not this again” when I run into Aregon, but that IGN conjures some more painful memories than the usual Lyonar aggro.

Keep up the good work!


this was the first time for me using elix stormblade and i was pleasantly surprised. the extra mobility helps to close out drawn-out games or pick off annoying targets in defensive positions. I don’t think I would want to run more than 1 copy in this deck but who knows :slight_smile:

personally i liked her very much in this deck


hey :smiley: i remember our match, gg.

thank you for the kind words! hope i get to play you again :slight_smile: