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3 Bug Reports (Because the bug report does not work in-game)



I have 3 issues.

  1. The bug report option keeps on loading once I send the bug report/message. It does not send, only load, waiting does not help it, the programme does not freeze actually, just eternal loading trying to send the message. The ‘loading screen’ also stays on my screen when I try to do something else (play a game for example).
  2. Decks get mixed in the list of decks. Sometimes when you save a deck, it goes to the bottom of the list. This then also applies for the deck selection screen when you go to play a game. Sometimes it is more random than that, that a deck ends up in the middle somewhere. Due to this bug old decks often end on top and new decks on a random place in your list of decks. I feel like this happens once you click ‘save’ on a deck, I don’t think it mixed up decks if I took a look at a deck and then clicked ‘cancel’. Once a deck jumps to a random spot, ‘re-saving’ it does not bring it back on top!
  3. In my ‘rank history’ it says I have 0 wins for the past month July. I got to S in 59 wins (I know for sure I have 59 wins for the past month July, I only played gauntlet after reaching S). Is this a bug? In past seasons it counted all my ladder wins and put them there, and now it says 0 while it should be 59.
    (I have a screenshot that shows 59 wins and S-rank from the last day of July if that is necessary)

Operating System:

[Windows 8.1 64-bit]

System Specs:



Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Send a bug report message.
  2. Save a deck while having a good amount of decks in your deck list in ‘collection’ screen.
  3. Check ‘rank history’ on profile ‘Ferocca’.


Confirm, bug report didn’t work at all for me as well.