2 things i wish for in new expansion

  1. I am hoping for a decent body (2 mana 2/2) lyonar ramp card

  2. Give us the ability to break the game and go to 10 to 12 max mana

Comment below what two things you wish to have in the game :slight_smile:


Diversity and balance


lol a bit more specific


Viable Eggmar archetype.
Swarm/Creep hybrid synergies.

Is that better? :slight_smile:


Vale lyonar and Millhorn Leghorn


I would like to see something as clever as UP: tons of positioning, cool late game cards and a few situational cards for memes which make the game fun. More generally, I would love to see faction identities revamped: eggs, Deathwatch, etc.


A viable (but not OPed!) Sajj. To bad it probably won’t happen :cry:
I also hope the ladder won’t be dominated by 1 deck/general/archetype.

  1. Vanartifact to be a thing
  2. support for Huldra and other under used cards from all factions

  1. Support for a mill deck archetype
  2. “Stolen” versions of cards (ie each faction could get access to 1 or 2 other faction cards)


The astral crusader support cards talked about into the discord.

(good) EGG SUPPORT!!!

  1. cards that are able to challenge staples. I would love to see a world that had cards which allowed me to say, for example (one of many that could be made), choose a different removal package for Magmar other than the same one I have always used- always…because it IS the Magamar removal package.

  2. what I’m sure everyone wants- Archetype support such as Eggmar and Hybrid Abyss or Sajj…as a whole. The game is so good right now. There are so many decks and so many new strats. more will only be a good thing.

  1. New approaches to gameplay such as new movement interactions, replace/in-hand interactions, etc.

  2. More lore.

If I could put a third then i’d include a balance patch addresssing some long-standing issues.


1 more deathwatch.
There are literally none outside the core set

its not that hard. Even vet got some more blast in the bloody expansion

and for them to fix that stupid visual bug in the codex


Mobile release…

For my second and more relevant thing I would just like more support for archetypes that already exist, like grow and tiles. From the looks of the new generals that is likely :slight_smile:


Vanar Artifact is totally a thing:

I personally want mobile and a balance patch the most, xpac looks really great so far.


I’m playing it myself. But I feel it’s missing a bit more support. When the expansion comes, Iceshatter Gauntlet will be viable in Elina. I’m hoping for cards that make Winterblade and Elveiti worth playing.

  1. Balance.
  2. Mix between crafting system of bigger expansions and acquisition guarantee of smaller expansions (because getting a legendary I need from and orb seems almost impossible).

And third goes mobile release. Only third because I don’t need it now.
And only then all the fun of new stuff for Aby (because without balance it won’t be exactly fun). I think I already know a deck I want to build for Maehv.


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