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2 combats at the same time



In my profile, I see 2 recent combats at the same time

Operating System:


System Specs:

Intel Core i3- CPU 3.50GHZ 8,0 GB RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 750

Game Client:

I execute the donwoaded game. No steam.

Bug Report Details

40 minutes ago, I played a combat in which my opponent decided to surrender at the beginning (perhaps he had bad cards)
I like to replay combats.
I see in my profile there is another combat done at the same time, I replay that combat to see what happeed and I see a combat I didn’t play, and I see obviously, my general not taking orders from me. Like if I were disconnected.
It seems I triggered 2 combats at same time.
Perhaps I was waiting for a combat, then I cancelled the waiting (triggering a combat at the same time?). Seconds later I reentered and I triggered the combat I played.